If you need help deciding who to vote for this year, maybe this can help. I came across this video the other day and while I don’t normally stop to watch something from the source, I was intrigued. The pillars mentioned here are powerful and can’t be ignored when it comes to making a choice for your ballot.

Are the choices we have perfect? Hell no! I would prefer that it was neither of them. But, when it comes to the things that are most important, there is a clear choice. History has proven time and again where Socialism and Communism leads, and we don’t want to head down that road.

If you have 26 minutes to listen, I think you will find this informative, powerful, and impactful.


  1. Curt Gilman · October 19, 2020

    Thanks for sharing. I hadn’t seen it, and it was worth the time. The quote from Archbishop Fulton Sheen in the last few minutes was especially pertinent.


    • backuphill · October 19, 2020

      It was a very good message. Couldn’t help but share.


  2. Jesska · October 19, 2020

    Who is that guy? And why is his opinion so important?


    • backuphill · October 19, 2020

      Well, I am not familiar with him and didn’t even know about him till his message hit the internet. He is a Catholic priest as far as I can tell. His particular opinion isn’t necessarily more important than anyone else’s, he just puts very succinctly how people of faith need to be cautious how they vote because it matters.


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