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Did you see that post from yesterday? The one where I asked people not to vote if…

I am guessing probably not.

Wonder why I ask? Because I believe WordPress is suppressing it.

I can’t think of any other reason why it wouldn’t have gotten at least five times as many views (I don’t ask for much, really). Honestly, wouldn’t people be interested just to see what it is about? I click on stuff to read all the time just because I wanna know what point of view the author is coming from, even if I don’t agree. Am I the only person who does this now? Do you only read the headline and move on without giving it even another thought or shred of curiousity?

As of this morning, it only had TWO views. Of those two views, none of them were from the Reader – those people (roughly, there is a lot of spam) who actually have followed the blog. There are no views on it today yet either.

I can only come to one conclusion…it’s being suppressed because it is telling people not to vote. Well, not exactly, but essentially that is the suggestion if you can’t meet certain qualifications, most of which are pretty straight-forward and common sense.

I guess asking for people who are educated, well informed, and have common sense to vote is wrong.

Interesting. How the politics of free speech play out on social media and other platforms, right?


  1. Curt Gilman · October 28, 2020

    I definitely read it yesterday on Reader, so WordPress may be suppressing your stats.


    • backuphill · October 28, 2020

      That is good to know!

      Oh, and thanks for actually reading it. LOL There is so much spam on here its kind of what the stats really mean at time.


  2. pnwacadian · October 28, 2020

    That’s strange, I read your post. But hey I’m a Culp supporter so maybe we are being silenced or wordpress is doing the censor/we know better than you stuff.
    Just keep sharing your views.


    • backuphill · October 29, 2020

      That is really odd. Thanks for reading it and thanks for stopping by the blog!

      Personal responsibility seems to be a subject that waffles between “you should have some” and “we know better than you.” Pick a subject and each party will tell you something different.

      As far as WA goes, it would be nice to say goodbye to the current tyrant who likes to think he knows better than people who actually have personal responsibility.


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