Afternoon pondering

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Just had a thought float through the brain. It was sort of a random thing since I wasn’t thinking about this at all, but it just sort of popped in and now I can’t seem to get it out of my head?

Anyone been following the Elon Musk and Twitter thing? You know, that he wants to buy it for like $46 billion?

The thought that floated and stuck…what if he bought it for that boat load of money and then just pulled the plug? Like just shut it down. No more Twitter, period.

How cool would that be?

Anyone else think that would be cool?

Talk about the ultimate boss move. Buy it. Shut it down. Move on.


Probably won’t happen, but I think it would be cool if it did.


  1. The Hinoeuma · April 25, 2022

    That would be a giant waste of his money. The jury is still out on what he will do with it.


    • backuphill · April 26, 2022

      Ultimately, yes, it will be a test to see if he can actually improve it. I don’t have an account, but all I get from watching it is negativity. Besides, you can’t take all that money with you so why not spend it on things you really want to? LOL


      • The Hinoeuma · April 26, 2022

        I had a Twitter account, like 12, 13 years ago. I never found a reason to use it. That was also the same time I got on FakeBook. I left that, finally in late 2019. Both places are cesspools.


      • backuphill · April 27, 2022

        Social media is about the least authentic type of communication, so it being dubbed the “town square” isn’t really accurate either.


      • The Hinoeuma · April 27, 2022

        Most of the nasty folks on FB/Twitter are nasty because of the anonymity. Act like that in person, get punched. I also say they are victims of bad parenting.


      • backuphill · April 27, 2022


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