Dust much?

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Who the hell is supposed to dust around here?

Anyone else have this problem? You know, the one where you wake up one day and there seems to be a layer of dust on everything?

At work, there is a cleaning crew and I would assume they are supposed to dust, but apparently not. I can understand not dusting the inner portions of shelving and whatnot, I don’t expect that every nook and cranny be dusted. But do you think you could maybe run a cloth across the top of the book shelf once in a while? I mean, serious, it doesn’t have anything on top of it!

Seriously folks, there is enough dust on top of the shelf to qualify as an indoor, organic planter.

I’ll take care of my home, but I don’t expect to have to do it at work too.

Voting for the lesser evil

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Hey, wanna have a voice? Use it!

You (provided you are a legal U.S. citizen) have a Constitutional right to have a voice in our government, whether it be local or national. Wanna make a difference? Vote.

However, why does voting in our democracy always feel like you are voting for the lesser of two evils? This person sucks but that one sucks even more. Which one will hurt me less? Which one will chip away at my freedoms and rights least? Which one will listen less to special interests and big money and really work for me the little person? Which one really is the best fit for holding true to the Constitution and the guarantees I hold dear?

So, yeah, get out and vote. Vote for someone that you believe is the better of the bad choice.


Software updates

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“We’re sorry, the software update over the weekend broke the software. Your job will be impossible until it is fixed. Please be patient as the squirrels work magic to make it work again.”


“Daylight Savings, in conjunction with a software update over the weekend, has broken your software. Please freak out and give us a call.”

Damn, we have a bad case of the Mondays today….

Fall colors = a close simulation of hell

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“Ooh they’re so pretty!”

“I just love fall. Crisp air and all the pretty colors on the trees.”

…said no one ever! Well, at least by someone who has the major task of raking all that “pretty fall color” out of their yard. Or, if you are in the Northwest, there is the forever piles of pine needles clogging up everything in sight! Sheesh.

As long as the days are dry and the weather is moderately mild, you can cheat and blow them outta the yard into your neighbor’s yard fairly easily. Once it get wet, as in rain, you need a freaking jet engine to blow them things loose.

So, if you don’t (or can’t) stay on top of the task, you are left raking – back busting, blister inducing, getting all wet and cold hell. After hours of sweating and bagging, you can see the lawn. And then the next wind storm comes and the process starts all over again. Welcome to fall hell…

Trees suck. We should cut them all down.

Just 6″ please!

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One thing I have wished for all my life is six inches. I just want six more inches!

There are a lot of things that are inconvenient in life when you are short. 5’4″ is kinda short. Hey, I can’t help it, I have short parents too.

Anyway, six inches would go a long way in solving a lot of problems. First, it would put me a couple inches above the height of average American males, but it wouldn’t make me too tall (not that that is really an issue, I guess). Second, I could reach the top shelf of the cupboards without having to get out something to stand on. Third, I could easily find pants that fit.

Oh yeah, that last one is a big one, let me tell you! Being stalky is no day at the park, I have to say. Either the waist is too big, the legs too short, or the thighs and calves too tight. So, I have to make compromises. Purchased pants usually are too long and I either wear them that way (cuz they do shrink a little) or I have them hemmed (good luck trying to find people that do that these days).

Anyway, being short sucks. So, I’ll keep hoping I wake up 6″ taller some day. Or, hey, if you think about it, how about shooting up a prayer or two for me? You just never know, maybe someone will finally get the hint. Or, we’re getting into Santa season, maybe I’ll find some height in my stocking. What do you think Santa? Got my back on that one?

I didn’t think so.


Zip it!


NOT a zipper merge, but an example of how it feels when it is done wrong.

One thing I is for sure, Americans don’t like to merge on to highways. What’s worse is that we apparently also have no manners when it comes to merging, which stresses people out about merging even more. Thus, it becomes a never ending cycle.

One thing is also for sure, if the zipper merge was done correctly we’d all spend less time sitting in traffic. Look at the example below:


Or better yet, take a look at the video below!

Come on, people, get with the program and we’ll all get to where we wanna go faster and more safely. Oh, and have a little patience already!

The floor is yours

P-M 100

There isn’t anything easy about it.

I don’t know how some of you do it. It? Post regularly AND have a great following, including interaction with readers and shares.

This ain’t easy. 100 posts and less than 100 followers. 100 posts of Pissing and Moaning about crap in life that’s irritating. Boy it sure feels good some days!

Are you in the same boat? Are paddling with half a paddle and bailing water with a hole in the bucket?

Go ahead, post a struggle or a frustration with blogging below. You now have the floor…