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We’re all slaves.

Slaves to something. Whether it be an addiction or ideology or habit or whatever, there is something that controls us to some degree. It is inevitable.

Guaranteed you’re a slave to money. So am I.

We all need it to one degree or another. Some of us need it less and some of us need it more but, any way you look at it, we all still need it. We don’t live in a hunter-gatherer society any longer so we obviously live beyond just a subsistence level (those were simpler days, weren’t they?).

So, I was thinking about the fact that we are all slaves today.

Through this whole pandemic thing, I have had to keep asking myself about whom I am willing to be a slave to. I need money, that isn’t an option. Because of that, I have really been questioning which is more important, my job or the government? Essentially, I am asking which am I willing to be a slave to.

Would I rather be a slave to big business or to big government?

Some might argue that they are pretty similar, really, but let’s not get into the weeds of the debate here. Would I rather be at the mercy of big business where, for the most part, there is innovation and some freedom to decide where I want to work OR would I rather be at the mercy of an all powerful government where I have to rely on them for most everything and not question them and there is little to no innovation or freedom of choice?

Business or government? Freedom or oppression?

Now, I am a historian and I know the history. I know big business can be a lot like a government in my ways.

There is always going to be abuse, but at least with business there is always the chance for the little guy to break away and try to make it on his own. Start something new if he doesn’t like the big business or has an idea that could possibly innovate an industry.

But with a government, in most cases, I can’t just pick up and move to a different government if I don’t like it (like I can with a job). Know what I mean? In most cases I am going to be subject to the current government and there isn’t a way for me to break away and say, “Hey, I have a better idea, let’s do it this way!” Thus going about establishing a new government I see fit for me and those who agree with me.

That option doesn’t exist under a government like it does with a business.

Anyway, all this to say, have we let the government(s) go too far with this whole lockdown thing? Which response, meaning what level of government, was appropriate – federal, state, county, city? Whom has abused their powers? The powers WE gave them and that WE may possibly need to fight back to get again?

I feel like I am rambling now. I was hoping to keep this as a short, salient point, but I fear the more I explain it the more confusing it gets.

So, who or what are you willing to be a slave to?


  1. The Hinoeuma · April 29, 2020

    Unfortunately, we are all slaves to money…a system put into place long, long ago. And, society can’t return to the days of freely living off the land like Native Americans.

    Governments grow via people who actively shirk their own responsibilities. If you accept what you are given, you are liable for the outcome.

    There will always be those that seek power, sadly.


    • backuphill · April 29, 2020

      Amen to that! I am glad to know there are some people who agree that personal responsibility is the key, not bigger government and a nanny state.


      • The Hinoeuma · April 30, 2020

        Unfortunately, the level-headed common sense thinkers & doers are outnumbered.

        Many seem to enjoy living in chains and demand the same from the rest of us. What’s happening today reminds me of the East German Stasi.


      • backuphill · April 30, 2020

        Eerie similarities for sure. A crisis often is a catalyst for grabbing power, only to never let it go. Giving up rights willingly is a slippery slope I hope we don’t find ourselves on for much longer.


      • The Hinoeuma · April 30, 2020

        Every “crisis” we have suffered had been a power grab. It is no accident that they used a freaking flu bug to scare people, en masse. If you were to pick the best kind of disease to do the most damage, choose a “coronavirus.” Every human being walking the planet has some form of coronavirus fragments in their blood stream.


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