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Projects. So much time for projects.

BUT, do you have a project you want/need to do but are putting off because you aren’t sure the results you’ll get are what you want?

Don’t you hate it when you work on something and you have it all laid out in your head but then it doesn’t turn out like you envisioned it? OR, maybe it doesn’t go the way you want and it ends up being more trouble than it was worth, falling into that “Better luck next time” category of tasks?

I had one last night like that latter of those two. A retractable screen door on the house needed to be fixed. The most expensive option was to just replace the thing and with a new one or the other option was to buy parts for half the original cost and attempt repairs with no instructional manual. There was a vote and I lost, so repairs it was.

After much grunting, Pissing and Moaning, and not so quiet mutterings under my breath, I got to the project last night after work. And it went about as well as I thought it would. It was more trouble than it was worth. I would have rather started over with a new setup, but there is now a semi-functional screen door again. It just doesn’t work like it did when I originally installed it…which was perfectly (if I do say so myself). Now, it will make due but its not operating as smoothly as it could be.

Oh well.

So, I ask, do you have any projects you are dreading to tackle? Or did you do a project you dreaded only to regret tackling it afterwards?

I’m curious.


  1. The Hinoeuma · May 5, 2020

    I have 100s of pictures I need to scan. I look at the pile everyday and sigh. It’s still there. I just can’t get started.


    • backuphill · May 6, 2020

      Oh, yeah, I have that task too…a box from way back to the high school and college years. I do know that when I decided to tackle the project, I likely won’t use a traditional scanner, however.

      I have found that Google makes and app for your smartphone called “PhotoScan” and it works really well. Plus, it is so much faster than a scanning device (and can be more easily edited if needed too).

      Not getting paid by Google for that advice (Google, are you paying attention???) so you can send a referral fee to my PayPal account. 😉 LOL


      • The Hinoeuma · May 6, 2020

        I have a document scanner app on my phone. I have an S7 that I am holding onto for dear life…as it slows down. It takes OK captures but, maybe it’s the older camera.

        I have a recent flatbed scanner. That is easier to me than trying to hold my hand still and position the phone properly.


      • backuphill · May 6, 2020

        The nice thing about the app is it takes five pics and then stitches them together to make the clearest sharpest pic possible. Old family photos right out of scrapbooks turn out really well and no need to remove them from the books!


      • The Hinoeuma · May 6, 2020

        Wow. That is a neat feature. I have some big pictures that won’t fit on the flat bed. Hm…


      • backuphill · May 6, 2020

        Might be worth a try, to see if you like it. You can always delete the app if it doesn’t work for you.


      • The Hinoeuma · May 6, 2020

        Downloaded it. I will play with it later.

        Thanks!!! 😀


      • backuphill · May 6, 2020

        Good luck! I hope you find that it makes things a little easier and that task suddenly doesn’t seem so overwhelming.

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  2. Geri Lawhon · May 25, 2020

    My fiance is going to start painting the inside of the house, and I know he is dreading that. Usually though, once he starts he doesn’t mind.


    • backuphill · May 25, 2020

      That is the challenge isn’t it? Getting started. I think most people can identify with that as being the hardest part.

      Good luck to him as he gets started on that chore!

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