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Are vaccination cards really that necessary? We don’t need them and don’t get them when people get the flu shot. So, I feel like the push to get a vaccination card doesn’t take into account one medical fact – if you had Covid, you don’t need a vaccine.

At least that is what we have been told about how natural immunity and our bodies work.

We have always been told for years and years and years that when you get sick with something, your body’s immune system kicks into gear to fight it and builds immunity to it on it’s own. The next time your body encounters the sickness you either are less likely to get it because of immunity or your body has already established antibodies and the sickness is less severe each and every time you get it thereafter. Eventually, you become immune to it altogether (at least until it mutates).

Does this not apply to Covid?

If you have had Covid, your body went into it’s natural cycle of building immunity to it. Your body fought the sickness and it won. Congrats! You now have naturally built immunity to it. That isn’t to say that you can’t get it again, but that your body is now less susceptible to it. If this is the case, them why would you need to get a vaccine?

As such, I believe someone has forgotten to ask the question about those who have already had Covid – if someone already has had it, then there is no need for a vaccine. If there is no need for a vaccine, then there is no need for a vaccination card. If no vaccination card, then you will be discriminated against when trying to do activities you have done all your life…

Yeah, that makes sense.

The whole vaccine card thing wreaks of control.

So, riddle me this, what about those who have had Covid and don’t need to get a vaccine but need a vaccine card to participate in society? What do we do about that?


  1. qprgary · May 10, 2021

    Had COVID and both jabs. I carry a driving licence so don’t give a damn if I need a vaccine passport, if it means travel anywhere on the planet I’ll have it. Can’t see the problem.


    • backuphill · May 10, 2021

      Why did you get the vaccine if you had Covid previously, if you don’t mind me asking?

      A driver’s license and a vaccine passport are two different things. A DL doesn’t reveal your medical history, but a vaccine card/passport does. If you have to give up your medical history for this, it is only a matter of time before they start asking for other things in your medical history. That seems to go against the whole HIPAA idea.


      • qprgary · May 11, 2021

        Got my jabs at two different pharmacy’s in the UK both booked in with the NHS. Couldn’t care less what info is revealed as don’t have anything to hide so don’t give a shit. Had the jabs so that I can travel and prove that I’m immunised rather than saying I’ve had it. Also makes other people feel safer, not bothered with big brother watching me as my daily life would bore the shit out of them.


      • backuphill · May 11, 2021

        I got ya. Thanks for that.


  2. qprgary · May 11, 2021

    What’s HIPAA?


    • backuphill · May 11, 2021

      Well, when I wrote that I didn’t realize you were in a different country. That is a law in the US that is supposed to protect people’s medical records from being revealed to those who aren’t supposed to have access to it. Basically a privacy thing.


  3. qprgary · May 11, 2021

    Not sure if reply went so here we go again. Had the jabs regardless of having had COVID so should be like Teflon now and will enable us to travel with a vaccine passport, the NHS contacted us for it regardless Couldn’t care less who reads my medical stuff as same as big brother listening in my life would bore them shitless. Also couldn’t give a damn wether people want the jab or not as not my problem it’s their choice. Guess HIPAA is an American thing.


  4. dolphinwrite · June 9, 2021

    Back in the 80s, I told a friend when seat belt laws went into effect, our freedoms are over, though it will take time for everyone to see. Later, I asked another friend, why do you think auto manufacturers put the shoulder belts in addition to the waist belt? So the police can see as they’re on mandate to arrest safely driving people who might have forgotten the belt. It’s got nothing to do with safety. It’s got nothing to do with protection. It never has. It’s all about control. You will do as they say or be ostracized. Look at other communist/socialist countries and how they deal with individuals. It’s not hard to figure out.


    • backuphill · June 10, 2021

      Thanks for that. I think you are correct and there will only be more and more erosion of personal freedoms as time goes on.


      • dolphinwrite · June 10, 2021

        We encourage people to learn the history of America: before (and far before, during the revolutionary war, and soon after), during the wars, and after. They need to read why people left their countries and came here. It’s a long story but well worth the time, even if it takes decades to learn for sharing with children and grandchildren. Life has always, or a very long time, been a struggle between those who want freedom and those who think their right to take away from others. If people will take the time, for this will take a long time, things will turn around for the better.


      • backuphill · June 10, 2021

        It is always a struggle between those who have power and those who don’t (or at least seemingly don’t). American history is a good place to start when looking at how freedom should possibly work. It also comes down to personal responsibility and realizing that “group think” isn’t a good thing.


  5. dolphinwrite · June 12, 2021

    Group think is never good. Even the founding fathers, though they came up with an excellent Constitution, debated and argued, including arguments of past men like Locke and Montesque, but many others. They included their personal experiences and not just opinions. They don’t teach this anymore. But parents can at home.


    • backuphill · June 13, 2021

      I was one history teacher who did teach those things. Honestly, I don’t think conversations are being had at home and if they are they are on the negative aspect of the country’s past. It was a tough battle as a teacher to get students to think for themselves instead of regurgitating what they had heard at home.


      • dolphinwrite · June 13, 2021

        Yes, we know. But something keeps us all going forward. Reading history, we know there’s never been a time when there wasn’t a struggle, and when people become complacent, when parents don’t see the value of marriage with responsibility, when people don’t put principles first, we get where we are. But the country has always been in growing pains. If people would read what live was like in the 1800s, during and after wars, including the civil war, they would better understand the problems of today. Yes, in some ways, it’s worse today. That’s why people need to wake up, wake others up, and parents need to teach at home, teach real history, and teach their young ones to separate rhetoric and propaganda from truth. That’s also where you come in, wherever you are. There are over 300 million people in this country, and if the millions that do understand speak up, share, and truly educate their own, never giving up, like our previous president, then the future will be brighter. But it will never be easy.. True freedom never is.


      • backuphill · June 14, 2021

        The struggle for freedom is never ending, that is for sure.


      • dolphinwrite · June 16, 2021

        Here’s another thing. Think of this. “These people”, whoever they are, from different perspectives and different motive, all working against the U.S. Constitution (consciously or unconsciously), and many are doing so with energy. Okay. It’s always been that way. Now those of us who love the U.S. Constitution, real freedom with responsibility, get to share what we’ve learned, what we appreciate in real America, and why others should wake up and start thinking truly for themselves. We get to be the positives and the vaccine against the virus of communism and propaganda.


      • backuphill · June 18, 2021

        Well said.


      • dolphinwrite · June 18, 2021

        The media would love to see you give up and give in. Keep up the good work.


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