I tried

Photo by Robert Nagy on Pexels.com

I tried. Yesterday. To write a blog post. It never happened. Didn’t get done.

Every time I started, I deleted what I had written.

Nope, can’t write that. Too mean.

Nope, can’t write that either. It will be misconstrued.

LOL. Seriously can’t write about that. People might take it seriously.

Then the day kind of got away as work was VERY busy. Well, is always busy, but more so than normal. A few times I got something started yesterday and then got buried and never got back to it. When I did I changed my mind about it.

That’s dumb. No one will read that.

Is that really the way I wanna address this topic?

Gosh, that’s a lame topic. A chimp could have tapped out this mess.

So, I bagged it. Ever have days like that? Got lots to say, but don’t know how to say it? Me too. Sometimes the ideas are plentiful and sometimes that leads to “writer’s block.” Other times, the ideas just don’t come together.

Got a topic you wanna know my thoughts on? I’ll open the floor up and take suggestions. Pop the ideas into the comment! Thanks!


  1. pnwacadian · September 24, 2020

    I’m tired of hearing/reading fear based language. Words are manipulated to evoke reactions without considering the whole story/context. What are your thoughts on this?


    • backuphill · September 24, 2020

      Agreed. Words are given new meaning so that they can invoke an emotional reaction instead of a rational one. We are seeing culture rewritten and given new definitions right before our eyes and very few people stop to think about it, instead just going with their immediate reaction. People are sort of like a toddler from whom you’ve just take an ice cream cone.


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