I didn’t order the combo

person riding a bicycle during rainy day

Photo by Genaro Servín on Pexels.com

Ever get something you don’t want?

Living in the upper left corner of the US means we get a lot of a combo I don’t like.

I don’t mind rain.

I actually kinda like wind.

I DO NOT like them together.

When rain falls, it should fall straight down. Then it is easily avoided (for the most part) by making sure you are under something.

When it is windy AND raining at the same time, well that presents a problem. No longer can you get under something to avoid getting wet. Instead, the wind causes the rain to go sideways and even sometimes lifts rain that has already fallen on the ground right back off of it! That is just plain ridiculous.

Anyway, the upper left corner could use less of the sideways rain and more of the straight down rain.

What weather combo do you not like?


  1. Curt · December 14, 2018

    I lived in Richmond, Virginia, for several years, so I’d say my least favorite combo is hot and humid. Temperature of 95° + dew point of 80 = misery.


    • backuphill · December 14, 2018

      Oh, yeah, good point. I have experienced that a couple times in my life. Living in a sauna doesn’t really have that much appeal either!

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