Social media has a huge problem with authenticity and they actually keep making it worse.

Did you hear that one about Joe Biden and his son Hunter and perhaps some questionable behavior in the past when dealing with foreign governments?


Weird. The article is from a major news outlet with huge readership and is well respected. Apparently a follow-up article is being censored too. Did you see that one?

Well, it is likely that the big tech companies (Twitter and Facebook and Google) are censoring information in order to protect a political candidate they favor. In their words, they justify such behavior out of a campaign to stop “misinformation” to have a chance to “fact check” the story. In doing so, they are actually meddling in the election and doing exactly the behavior they say they are trying to stop.

Double standard much?

There are lots of thoughts on this whole thing (here is a good article that lines it out well) but the thing that sticks out is that the policies these companies claim to use is used selectively. They use it for stories and information they don’t like, but don’t use it when it helps them or hurts someone they don’t like. Application is selective and that’s shady at best.

The best thing would let ALL INFORMATION flow and let the people figure it out for themselves. Censoring some and not others as it fits with your agenda is a bad look.

Neither of these stories showed up on the Google News Feed, except for stories that are commenting about the censorship of the original reporting. Strange? Nope. Google has as much at stake and has made MANY efforts to stem the flow of information on it’s multiple platforms and outlets.

“Houston, we have a problem.”

It will only get worse as their influence grows and they continue to control the flow of information? Remember when there was concern over that whole “net neutrality” and having ISPs and cable companies having control over the flow of traffic? Yeah, this is the same thing but at a different level. That issue involved throttling the actual data (all of it) and this is the throttling of content (all of it, or at least that which they don’t agree with).

Ever felt like your blog isn’t reaching everyone it should? I have often wondered if WordPress isn’t doing the same thing when it comes to posts that they don’t like or agree with. Could it be true? What do you think?

What do you think of the idea of censorship from tech?


  1. Akriti Pandya · October 15, 2020



    • backuphill · October 15, 2020

      Thanks! And thanks for stopping in to take a look around too.


  2. Curt Gilman · October 15, 2020

    Two words: Streisand effect. Big Tech has finally jumped the shark.


    • backuphill · October 15, 2020

      Oh, those two words are awesome! However, if they have finally jumped the shark, does that mean they will have a baby and get cancelled? That’s usually the result of jumping the shark with TV shows.


      • Curt Gilman · October 15, 2020

        I don’t know about having a baby, but I think Big Tech going to have a lot of explaining to do. Shutting down someone like Alex Jones elicits little more than a “meh” out of most people. Shutting down a big story from a major news outlet takes it to a whole other level. People are going to start asking serious questions.


      • backuphill · October 15, 2020

        Yeah, and their whole “fact check” thing doesn’t hold water considering they don’t really have unbiased fact checkers or done much of that in the past with regards to opinions the do like.

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  3. Stuart Danker · October 15, 2020

    I believe that tech companies do censor content based on their values, which is unfair, but I think WordPress seems to have a fair system for now (in that all blog content is out there, and they’re not selectively fed to you based on algorithms other than the usual tags).

    I also believe that dialogues should be held if we are to move forward, but that involves talking about things that hurt instead of trying to sweep them under the rug. Anyway thanks for this post!


    • backuphill · October 16, 2020

      Thanks for the comment, Stuart. I appreciate your participation.

      I kinda question how WordPress does things because of visibility on some posts. I don’t think the reach is really as large as it could be and because that is really kept “behind the curtain” it makes it harder to trust. But, you are right that at least I don’t get censored the second I click Publish.


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