You’ve been duped

This shouldn’t come to you as a shock, but you’ve been duped into thinking you need to wear a mask outdoors (if you are actually one of those wearing a mask outdoors) and it’s created a whole spectrum of baseless fears.

Of course, if you have little critical thinking skills or have used that skill very little as of late then this probably is a shock. If you have been wearing a mask while you do nearly any activity out of doors, well, you’re an idiot.

There was never any science behind the idea that you needed to wear a mask out of doors, but the CDC (Center for Disease Control) told you something different. That info, as it turns out and was highly suspect to begin with, was completely off base. They don’t even track whether there was ever any outdoor transmission here in Washington. (oh, btw, that guy in the top pic is the WA governor – who says he relies on science…that doesn’t exist).

“I’m sure it’s possible for transmission to occur outdoors in the right circumstances,” Dr. Aaron Richterman of the University of Pennsylvania told me, “but if we had to put a number on it, I would say much less than 1 percent.”

NYT article linked above

The “right circumstances” the doctor above is referring to, are listed by another doctor in the article above. Basically those “right circumstances” are “crowded places or close conversation.” Less than 1%? Really?? Weird how we were all mislead to think it was 10%, which is already a small number and caused irrational few for people all over the place.

Since the truth is out and science, apparently, isn’t all it is chocked up to be, throw caution to the wind (literally).


There is no need, unless of course you just want to continue to prove you’re an idiot.


  1. Curt · May 11, 2021

    But we should still wear masks while riding alone in a car, right?


    • backuphill · May 11, 2021

      Well, I’ll leave that decision up to you, Curt…but, my guess is that there is no CDC data for contracting it alone in the car either. On the other hand, I am sure there is lots of anecdotal evidence to prove that those who do are also idiots.

      On another note, I miss seeing your blog pop up in the feed once in a while.


      • Curt · May 11, 2021

        I’m going to keep trying the vlogging thing for at least a little while. It’s a lot of work, and putting my voice and face online is definitely way outside my comfort zone, but I’ve been enjoying learning something new.


      • backuphill · May 11, 2021

        Video editing is a LOT of work. LOL I do that for training videos for work and its a cumbersome process.

        I have check that out, so I guess I should stop in there more often.


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