Cravings hate

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Anyone else have episodes where cravings just wanna take over their life? I mean, like, you just wanna eat everything in sight or have a craving of something very specific and it can’t be satiated even when you are consuming it?

The last couple weeks I have had a severe craving for crunchy and salty.

Terrible. Terrible for me (not that I am a health nut or anything).

I seriously could mow through a whole bag of chips or pretzels or bags of popcorn or whatever. Doesn’t really matter as long as it is salty and crunchy.

Anyone? Anyone else?

Is the change in weather? Is it the change in body needs? Is it just all in my head?

I don’t know. I just wanna snack away…

Therefore, I am going to bury my head in a bag of something…I’ll come up for air when it is gone, or EMS will find me with my head at the bottom of a Lays bag with my mouth full…

**PS – I am not a bioligist, but I know without a doubt that I am a male and I am not pregnant.**

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