New decade

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It’s a milestone I guess. Or maybe a millstone. Eh, let’s go with milestone.

I am entering a new decade as of today.


Nothing seems different, yet it does. Today is really the same as it was yesterday. I am not sure how I feel about it.

When I turned 40 I didn’t think it was all that big a deal. Now that I am 50, as of today, I would like to think it isn’t that big a deal yet there is something in the back of my head that makes me feel like its a big deal. Guess its hard to explain.

I know that my brain doesn’t feel 50. My brain tells me all the time that I am not old and I can do all kinds of things that I did when I was a lot younger. However, my body keeps telling me something different. My brain says, “Do it! You still got it!” My body says, “Go ahead, punk. Do you feel lucky?”

As an example, this week leading up to the big day there were close calls that made me think this old thing could get really old really fast…I was on a two step stool putting at canvas print on the mantle above the fireplace. I had just balanced it and was starting back down the stool steps and suddenly the canvas tipped and clocked me on the top of the head. Obviously, I wasn’t prepared for this so the surprise of being struck in the head was enough of a distraction that I missed the middle step and landed directly on the floor. Again, this was a surprise on the other end of the body and my knee didn’t like that so it promptly hyper-extended as celebration for finding the floor earlier than expected. I was hobbled for a day or two.

Is this what getting old feels like all the time? Minor aches and pains suddenly become something bigger and more concerning? The aches and pains happen more often and more quickly?

Well, cheers to getting older and hello AARP…

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  1. Curt · February 14, 2022

    Welcome to the Half-Century Club! I joined only recently myself.


  2. G. J. Jolly · February 15, 2022

    Happy Birthday!

    You’ll like your 50s. At least, you should. The social restrains you have felt up to this point will fall away, and you’ll find an inner freedom come forth, letting your social mask fade away. At least that’s what happened to me, and other people have said the same thing. It makes the 50s a marvelous time to live.


    • backuphill · February 15, 2022

      Thanks! So, what you’re saying, is that I am now old enough to not care what other think and I can lose the lifelong filter to say things that “old people” can say and get away with?


  3. The Hinoeuma · February 17, 2022

    50, ay? I will be 56 in August.


    • backuphill · February 18, 2022

      Make sure you post about it so we can all send the usual good tidings.


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