Noisy road

brown asphalt road beside lake

                                 If only my commute was this nice to look at.                                         Photo by Nextvoyage on

You probably don’t think about it much because you are driving and paying attention to the other drivers around you, which you should be. However, there is probably one thing you don’t notice you’re doing as a result of a noisy road.

The surface of the roadway is kind of an important thing when it comes to highways. I mean, it gets thousands and thousands of cars driving over it every day/week/month/year. It has to be durable, but also something that withstands heat, cold, weight, collisions, rain, etc. So, I am sure there is science behind why they do what they do when they make roads. But, really, I don’t care.

I just want a road that is smooth and quiet. Road noise should be a low hum that you really don’t notice unless something is wrong with the car. Instead, half of half of my commute is across 40+ year old concrete that has been worn down to the pebbles used to make it and it sounds like a jet engine starting up as you drive over it as high speeds.

Thus, I have to listen to the radio really loud. All to hear the traffic report. And if there is another person in the car, well, you just have to yell, even if they are just sitting right next to you. That is annoying.

What small things do you notice as you drive the same route and sit in the car for hours each day? Anything only you would notice and have to point out to others when they ride along with you?


  1. the #1 Itinerary · December 27, 2018

    Great post 😁


  2. Curt · December 27, 2018

    Side mirrors. My car has relatively small side mirrors, so I’m aware of how sensitive they are to being positioned correctly. When I’m doing 5 mph in heavy traffic, I can’t help but notice the side mirrors on other cars. If I’m immediately behind another car and I can see the driver’s face in both side mirrors, I know he can’t see anything on either side of him. And it happens a lot.


    • backuphill · December 27, 2018

      Oh, that is a good one! Way to notice the details.

      I worked as a drive instructor and state licensing tester for 6 years and one of the things we taught students was how to position their mirrors correctly to eliminate nearly all of the blind spot – it is different than what I was taught when I was learning.

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