Redefined #1

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It’s interesting how those who don’t like something are always trying to redefine it. If it doesn’t fit your agenda, redefine it so it will by turning the meaning around so it fits your message.

Here is current examples I’ve seen recently:


The definition we all understand and have used in the past is NOT a tough one to remember. It is basically stealing or taking something that isn’t yours by force. If you need a reminder of what the definition is you can look at (here) and (here).

My guess is that you really don’t need a reminder.

Bernie Sanders and his Socialist friends are trying to create a class war (this is a Communist tactic) by specifically trying to redefine the word during the present crisis. Maybe you have seen some of this flying around social media.

The looting of America has been going on for over 40 years – and the culprits are the ultra-rich.  ~ Bernie Sanders

American billionaires got $434 billion richer during pandemic. (widely reported by news media)

So, people who spent their lives building a business and positioning themselves in a place to prosper are going to be faulted for consumers going to their place of business to buy supplies?

Example: Amazon (I mean, because it is so obvious). It was literally set up so that you could order anything, any time, from anywhere, and have it delivered to your doorstep. It was set up to make it as convenient for you as possible. And you love it.

So consumers were forced, or they willingly complied, to stay home and order things online. This is exactly why the business was created or has adapted to the changing retail landscape. They didn’t do anything wrong and is perfectly acceptable for them to do. That would make them pioneers and visionaries in retail, right? As such, it’s perfect for those who have had the foresight to establish, or adjust, a business that has this capability.

Why then would you fault Jeff Bezos or any other person for making money during the pandemic? This is what a business is for. To make money. By ordering online. As far as I can tell, he wasn’t price gauging people for the goods he was selling. Prices didn’t suddenly and ridiculously increase because of the situation. He wasn’t taking advantage of the situation. He literally continued to do what he set up his business to do.

Sure, there were probably some 3rd party sellers who may have taken advantage of the platform and increased prices. Sure, that will always happen. That isn’t new to any crisis. But was it a systemic, company wide policy/effort to defraud the population? No. Amazon and others worked to correct the issue as it was discovered and reported.

Look, I think it is clear that the work of a political party is trying engender bitterness, anger, and dissatisfaction with people who make money in legitimate ways. They are trying to pit the poor, and even the middle class, against those who are rich. For them, they can’t gain ground politically any other way so redefining words and making the word to encompass a broader meaning means that they stimulate mistrust and hatred.

This word being redefined is nonsensical. Let’s keep it a crime and not turn it into something it isn’t.




  1. Curt Gilman · June 8, 2020

    Too many people don’t own paper dictionaries nowadays. I’m lucky to still have one that I received as a high school junior in 1989. Online dictionaries can and do change their definitions of words to fit current narratives, at which point the original definition becomes memory-holed.


    • backuphill · June 8, 2020

      That is true. I probably should have checked a paper dictionary.

      On a different subject, based on your comment, you graduated in ’90?


      • Curt Gilman · June 8, 2020

        That’s right, 1990. Back when dinosaurs roamed freely across North America.


      • backuphill · June 8, 2020

        I am Class of ’90 too. Didn’t realize we were of the same, *cough*, eh, vintage….

        Liked by 1 person

      • The Hinoeuma · June 9, 2020

        Class of ’84 here. Y’all haven’t even gotten to 50, yet.

        Buying online isn’t a bad thing. My local market, less than a mile from my house, has online shopping, now (due to the hysterical types that don’t want to be around other people that might breathe on them). It’s OK for some things, in general terms. But, visiting a brick & mortar store has its advantages…oh, like, getting to try on the shoes *before* you buy them…or the pants…or the dress… Repackaging and re-sending stuff back for a refund (with the cost of return shipping usually eaten by you) is a GI-HUGIC pain in the ass.

        Past that, there is something very, very hinky going on and covid will be the culprit AND the cover for this:


      • backuphill · June 9, 2020

        Shopping online is incredibly convenient for many things. No trouble there. There is also something to be said for the “shopping experience” of going into a store and looking at the options.

        I am just frustrated that there are those out there that would redefine or justify a crime by comparing looting to something that is completely legal.


      • The Hinoeuma · June 9, 2020

        Don’t waste your precious energy on being frustrated over insane people. It will only wear you out. It won’t affect them.


      • backuphill · June 9, 2020

        Well, that is the truth….and I am wore out.

        Liked by 1 person

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