Wolf in sheep’s clothing

brown wolf

Photo by Steve on Pexels.com

If you have watched any TV, either live or on a paid service, you have probably seen an ad for something that was vague enough to be intriguing but also vague enough to seem just a bit shady.

I saw the commercial again last night and I just gotta think that someone is marketing the hell out of dangerous app. Dangerous? Why? Well, because it is just a pay day loan repackaged to look like something else. I would recommend you stay a long ways away from that app called Earnin. Here is a review, or the BBB, take if for what it is worth.

Now you don’t have to actually walk into one of those Money Tree stores or find the local loan shark to get your legs broken, you can just get money via your phone. Yeah, brilliant. Except that it preys on people, especially low-income people. It just creates a dangerous cycle that is hard to get out of.

**Quick disclaimer: I am not speaking from experience. I am not stupid, or desperate.**

I have known people who get stuck in these cycles and it rarely seems to have a pretty ending. How about we teach people financial responsibility instead of sucking them into spending money they don’t have?

Watch out people. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Cliche, I know, but there is a reason these cliches exist.



  1. Curt · February 13, 2019

    Payday loans were legal for a few years here in Arizona. Shops were quickly set up on every corner. They preyed, as you point out, on people who were vulnerable, and soon people were taking one loan to pay another. Eventually payday lending was made illegal again. So what happened? All those payday loan shops are now title loan shops. Scare away one wolf, and another appears to take its place. Sometimes it’s just the same wolf in a different sheep’s clothing.


    • backuphill · February 13, 2019

      Well, at least Arizona was trying to do something about it. Unfortunately, you are right. One wolf is chased away to only replaced by another. It is just a giant game of “whack-o-mole”! Which, btw, would be great if the wolves took care of the moles in my yard.

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