Pardon the interruption?

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Rude, I tell ya. Absolutely rude.

The weekend was going along just fine only to be interrupted by a Monday. And a Monday it is.

How about an all staff meeting to start your Monday morning? Or your week? However you look at it, this isn’t the best way to start. Can I get an “Amen!”?

So, rude Monday, how about you just go away and let me get right back to my weekend?


  1. Curt Gilman · February 25, 2019

    My boss took today off, so our staff meeting was canceled. Or, if it wasn’t canceled, I just didn’t show up. Either way is the same to me.


    • backuphill · February 25, 2019

      Lucky you! Sheesh…the meeting this morning was just a waste of time. All info could have been sent in an email. Oh, and get this…we had a discussion where management beat around the bush for 50 minutes about smart phone use in the workplace. “We don’t have a formal policy, but just be aware…” Good grief! Just make a policy or don’t. LOL Tell me what you want and I’ll follow it.

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