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After two weeks of telecommuting because of weather (and some regularly scheduled days in there too), I am back at the office today.

I can honestly say that I missed my coworkers. While we kept in touch and worked together with the various technology aids we regularly use, it was just not the same as being in the office. There is something to be said for human interaction.

However, the drive to the office this morning reminded me why I like telecommuting so much. People are dumb. Just plain dumb.

So, which do I want to sacrifice? Face to face time with colleagues or stress from the commute? I think you know the answer there.

At least it is Friday and a long weekend.


  1. Curt · February 15, 2019

    Enjoy your long weekend! As for me, I’ll be working Monday.


    • backuphill · February 15, 2019

      Working on Monday? Oh that’s a bummer!

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      • Curt · February 15, 2019

        It’s a trade-off. Long before my time, the company I work for took away three fixed holidays and gave them back as floating holidays. Essentially, I have to work Monday, but get an extra vacation day because of it.


      • backuphill · February 15, 2019

        Well, I suppose if there is a net gain then it isn’t so bad. You just get to enjoy a day off when other’s don’t.

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