Money tree?

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Apparently the Democrats have a money tree they aren’t telling people about. Actually, it must be more than one, because there is no explanation of how this government give-away can be paid for, let alone sustainable.

What I can’t figure out is where they think the money for this is going to come from. Higher taxes? Who can pay those since many business are shut down? Oh, and since business are shut down, they’re laying off or furloughed their workers. And those workers don’t have money to spend at the businesses that remain open. The business that remain open? Well, they reduced hours and laid people off.

You see how this works, right? The cycle the economy follows is self-generating. In order for it to work, all parts have to be working efficiently and effectively. There is no part of an economy that doesn’t rely on another part of itself to work, removing parts keeps it from working.

Guaranteed Minimum Income. Universal Basic Income.

Two bad ideas and perhaps this is all about a dress rehearsal for those. Sounds great on paper but doesn’t work in reality or practicality. It’s been tried and nearly always/completely leads to disaster. But the socialists in the country are gonna keep on pushing it because you know, the mirage of utopia is just one the other side…

Perhaps its an attempt to buy votes for the upcoming election in November.

“Look what we tried to do (or did) for you! But those big bad, typically small government and more fiscally responsible Republicans kept us from giving you free money that we don’t have and can’t afford. Aren’t they mean? They’re keeping you on the bottom on purpose by not giving you the opportunity to receive free money instead of earning it. “

If a politician is telling you that you can get something for nothing, you better look real hard and ask a lot of questions. It ain’t true, no matter what they tell you! There is always a cost, and it definitely won’t be what you think it is and it won’t be the first thing you find. Dig deeper.





  1. The Hinoeuma · May 11, 2020

    UBI my ass. The gubment doesn’t give ANYTHING away for free. You want to be paid for not working? It will be digital and traceable so we know what you are doing with it. Still wanna be paid for not working? Line up for whatever vaccines we throw at you (a military trick…you couldn’t get your paycheck until you passed by the doc/medic). Still wanna be paid for not working? Don’t even think about protesting or complaining…about anything. Still wanna be paid for not working? You can’t eat/drink that with OUR money. Still wanna be paid for not working? You can’t vacation very much or leave the country.

    And, on and on and on…


    • backuphill · May 12, 2020

      Nothing is free (someone is paying for it, somewhere) and, as you pointed out, it just leads to more control of the citizens.


      • The Hinoeuma · May 12, 2020

        Dude, you need to correct your avatar link. You blog on Piss & Moan but, your link in the phone app redirects to Understanding, Optional. It makes it hard to navigate to your comments.

        And, why do you have two blogs…just out of curiosity…


      • backuphill · May 12, 2020

        Yeah, I am not sure how to fix that. When I started the second one I thought the wouldn’t be linked, but because I am the owner of both I guess they are…

        Two blogs for two different kinds of content. One I just don’t keep up much any more and don’t wanna lose the content or the acceess.


      • The Hinoeuma · May 13, 2020

        Go here and sign in:
        Add both of your sites. Maybe that will help. My gravatar account has my regular WordPress site name and three re-directs. Right now, your gravatar points to Add Might clear it up.


      • backuphill · May 14, 2020

        Thanks. I’ll give it a try.

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