Disarm, defund, abolish?

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This isn’t even close to the answer.

Not sure what kind of fantasy land people are living in, but most people know this isn’t even the practical, let alone realistic. But, there are a whole bunch of progressive and liberal people in power who are going to placate and pander to the loudest voices even if they make no logical sense.

I hate to tell ya this, but people ain’t gonna suddenly decide to live in a Utopian world just because the police go away. It will, in fact, go exactly the opposite as people and groups clamor for power over others.


I can accept that some equipment might be overkill. Maybe, just maybe, the budget could be better spent on training and non-lethal tactics/equipment. Arming the police like the military might not be the answer. But taking away their weapons won’t work and we all know it. Remember those instances where even the LA police were outgunned by bank robbers? What about gangs and drug cartels? How would that work?

I can see some concessions here but, as we have seen with protests all over the nation over the last decade or more, when you take away ability of the police to maintain order in communities you get crime on a  massive scale. As such, our expectation of what law enforcement can and can’t do is going to have to change. We won’t be able to expect that they are going to respond to crimes during protests, large gathers, sports celebrations, etc.

Every massive protest or celebration in the US these days leads to looting, property damage, and usually other crimes as a byproduct of such behavior. The police have basically had to stand back and let it happen because they are overwhelmed, either by the sheer numbers of people or by the fact that they lack the ability to respond.

Seattle’s police chief said that things are going to have to change. That’s not only the way the police do their business but it’s also the acceptance from the public that you aren’t going to be safe or protected at all times.

Crime won’t get better if you take away their ability to handle it or prevent it.


This option is bad at best, besides a veiled effort to push more socialism. You all know that a budget means, right?

What exactly are you going to defund in a police department?

Cut money from buying weapons? OK, again, maybe this might work. But again, what happens when the police are outgunned?

Cut money from training? Yeah, that doesn’t seem like a good idea either. If anything, funds could be diverted from arming to training. Taking money isn’t the answer.

Cut money from payroll? Also not real bright. Money means staff. Staff means there is someone to respond to a crime, to investigate, to rescue, to protect, to arrest those who need and deserve it. Are you really prepared to be told when you call 911 that an officer will be there in 30 minutes to 2 hours, if at all? It also means that paying (for all intents and purposes) them a quality wage. They are supposed to stand in harm’s way, right? So are we asking them to take less pay to do the same job, while being under armed and understaffed?

Do more with less? We have been doing that to teachers for years and that is clearly working (that’s sarcasm if you can’t read between the lines), so what makes you think law enforcement can do it?

Starting to get worried yet?



Sure, let’s just get rid of the police department altogether. That won’t create a whole other set of issues that will have to be dealt with.

Crime will just magically disappear! Humans are naturally good by nature so there will be no problems and we’ll all live peacefully together in one big happy family…gather ’round the fire folks! We’re about to sing Kumbaya and hug and stuff.

The fact is, this won’t work either. The human heart hasn’t been fixed yet. Evil will always rear it’s ugly head and the vacuum left by an absence of law enforcement would quickly be filled by people who have no intent on sharing power, safety, or resources.

I am just not that optimistic of my fellow man. As such, I’ll be buying more guns to protect my family, friends, and property.

That is the natural assumption, right? If someone else who is armed to protect me and others is removed from my community, then I will have to fill that void myself. You can’t have it both ways – no police force AND an unarmed populace.

Can no one see how stupid this is? (That’s rhetorical, as I know there are lots of people who see this as completely stupid).

So what then?

I’ll be over here building my arsenal and fortress.

If you need me or want to visit, text me. I’ll unlock the gate, lower the bridge, pull the gators outta the moat, and tie up the attack dogs.








  1. Curt Gilman · June 16, 2020

    I’m curious how they plan to punish people for wrongthink when they don’t have a police force.


    • backuphill · June 16, 2020

      Your guess is as good as mine. It’s the “we want what we want and we’ll try to shame everyone into it” generation. I don’t think they have thought that far ahead.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The Hinoeuma · June 17, 2020

    There is no thinking in any of this. TPTB are using the righteous anger of the populace for their own purposes. Once the retard population screams for the removal of cops and they are catered to, crime will skyrocket…obviously. More screaming will proceed after the shocking violence. That’s when the same PTB will ride in with martial law & the military (Posse Comitatus be damned…the people demand it…).

    Problem. Reaction. Solution. Goad people into violence and, then, give them what they want.

    TPTB WANT all of us fighting. They want most of us dead. Georgia Guidestones.


    • backuphill · June 17, 2020

      There is obviously something to this.

      The movie V for Vendetta keeps playing in my head. Could it be that it was prophetic? LOL Not likely, but the similarities are striking.


      • The Hinoeuma · June 17, 2020

        V for Vendetta may have a similar message but, I guarantee that Hollyweird produced it as a parody (unacknowledged). Nothing in Tinseltown gets made without approval. Everyone loves a revenge movie (The Punisher comes to mind) but, give the people the truth…from the left coast? Never. Serpico and Tombstone weren’t exactly “factually accurate.” That’s why you get “based on a true story…”


      • backuphill · June 18, 2020

        Interpretation. Always interpretation.

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  3. mypbbooks · June 17, 2020

    Disarm: Do we really need an armored tank to issue a parking ticket? Defund: certain departments are true welfare offices with overtime. Disband: The mafia did a better job.


    • backuphill · June 18, 2020

      Disarm? Surely you jest. I have live near Seattle and have even been given an unjust parking ticket. In my time spent in Seattle, I haven’t seen a tank issuing parking tickets. I lived in Chicago and never saw a tank issuing tickets. If your point was to say they have some unnecessary equipment, that may be true. But, police departments do face some unique challenges when it comes to modern tech, so addressing those needs (while maybe not prevalent) can be justified to a degree. Defund? I am not sure what exactly you are implying, so I can’t really address this. Disband? Are you associating law enforcement/police departments in comparison to the mafia or are you saying they are the mafia?


    • The Hinoeuma · June 18, 2020

      Disarm: I’ve never seen a tank issuing a parking ticket. And, regarding LE having military equipment, some of it is needed…some not. The police shouldn’t act like the military but, they serve a purpose. If they have been given overreaching powers then, the city and/or town and/or county and/or state should be held accountable. Enforcing laws, locally, should be cut and dried. Federal is handled by the Feds.

      Defund: If you don’t pay cops to be the first line of defense (they are just as human as the rest of us, they are not “all white” and they have families to feed), you won’t have the first line of defense.

      Disband: The MAFIA? Are f***ing kidding? I sincerely hope so. Talk about bullying people… A common practice of the Mafia was business extortion for protection at the end of a baseball bat or a gun. Police derive pay thru taxes but, if they don’t get paid, they won’t take a baseball bat to a business owner’s shop in retribution. Besides that, the Mafia was also known for assassinations, massacres & street wars. There are bad cops. There are bad people everywhere but, cops don’t assassinate other “rival” cops (killing others in the crossfire), they don’t massacre groups of people (killing other people in the crossfire) and they don’t engage in rival family street fights (killing other people in the crossfire). If you think the Mafia is a better option, I suggest you join a family for protection because if all the police go away, two things are going to happen:
      (1) Mass violence, mass break-ins, mass burnings, mass raping, mass killing…
      (2) Once #1 commences, you get martial law.

      You think the police were bad? Wait until the military takes over.

      I hope you have some weapons, buddy…’cause you’re gonna need “em.


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