For someone who has a lot of opinions on a lot of thing Covid related, Fauci seemed to waffle an awful lot about protests and whether they are appropriate in the time of infectious disease.

Did you catch this exchange?

Did you get hungry for waffles? Because I did. Suddenly someone doesn’t have a straight answer about something infectious disease related, other than saying crowds without masks spread the virus.

Weird, I can’t go to work (I am working, every day but can’t GO to work) but I don’t work in a crowd.

But I CAN go to Walmart, Costco, Home Depot…where there are crowds of people…buy liquor (or pot, if that is your speed) at a store, where there are also crowds.

Inconsistent? Hell, yes.

Should we limit protests? No, probably not. Can a peaceful protest be done and still keep spreading the virus? Very possible. Should a violent, riotous crowd (“protest” if you’re a Liberal) be limited? For sure. Can that same crowd keep from spreading the virus? Highly unlikely.

That’s the insanity of all this. Any rational person can see the fallacy of what we are being told. If you read between the lines, you can clearly see that Fauci wants to have an opinion on those types of crowds, but he doesn’t go far enough to say so because, well, if he did the Liberal media and extreme left fringe groups would turn on him too. Soon it would be time for them to “cancel” him too.

Rational people can see what is going on. There is no question about it.

Now, where’s the syrup?




  1. The Hinoeuma · July 31, 2020

    I say open up the damn states and, if people get sick, pass out HCQ, azithromycin and zinc. Piss on this mask wearing nonsense and their vaccine, too.


    • backuphill · August 1, 2020

      Gotta wonder what is being hidden when there is such a concerted effort to discredit a drug that already exists.


      • The Hinoeuma · August 1, 2020

        Honestly…thinning out the population. They’ve tried to scare us into believing that the world is over-populated, stating that we are at 8 billion…and climbing. Wrong. The numbers aren’t there. Worldwide birth rates are severely down and, of course, people continue to die of various things. As of 2013, we were around 3 billion…and we continue to drop. The “official” numbers are a lie meant to scare.

        Gates and his ilk are eugenicists (you already know that). The Davos Crowd, the Bilderbergs, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Club of Rome, Illuminati, Freemasons (those at the top of the structure), etc., etc., etc…(ad nauseum) want most of us dead and the rest as mindless slaves. The end game is the Georgia Guidestones and maybe less than that.

        They care nothing for us other than the children we DO produce, they want for their sick games. Epstein & Maxwell, as bad as they are, are just scratching the surface. Have you read the eerie tweets from porn star Jenna Jamison?

        The world runners are a sick lot…things that normal people couldn’t fathom or handle if they knew. Did you read about Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson becoming Greek citizens? Greece views pedophilia as a “disability” and their extradition policies are quite lax. Coincidence? Nope. Hellyweird is eat up with predators.

        Those that sit atop our power structures were promised immortality by certain entities…and, I’m not talking biblical nonsense, either. You’d have to set aside any & all religions to grasp what is truly going on. And, that promise is a scam, in and of itself. The promise makers aren’t human and they want our planet for themselves.

        Followed any of the “ascension” crap from the new agey sites? That came from the entities flooding all the psychics with bullshit. “I am Lord Sananda…I am Thoth…I am Arch Angel Michael…I am Magdalene…We are the Galactic Federation…We are the light bringers…” Blah, Blah, Blah… “We have come to assist you in your ascension to the fifth dimension. We have ships that will carry you to your destination (in other words, get off the planet). The entities were hoping we would all fall for that and, naturally, if we leave the planet, we all die.

        Anyway, sorry to have written a book in your comment section. There is a reason why I maintain the Chris Thomas material on my site. Things are much worse than most could imagine. Our only hope of coming out of this is our intended evolution.


      • backuphill · August 2, 2020

        Yeah…..I don’t believe all this or that stuff either…but thanks for the interesting read!


      • The Hinoeuma · August 2, 2020

        Sorry to have bothered you.


      • The Hinoeuma · August 2, 2020

        Actually, go ahead and delete my comment. No reason for it to be posted.


      • backuphill · August 2, 2020

        It’s actually no bother at all. I like reading other people’s perspectives. That’s the beauty of the “marketplace of ideas.” Everyone is has the right to express themselves, and what they believe. Unfortunately, the current social climate would rather shutdown the actual marketplace as well as the “marketplace of ideas.” When we can’t listen to each other, regardless of whether we agree or not, and we censor ourselves before expressing our ideas we don’t do anyone any good.

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