Garbage cans

trash near door

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I recently posted about my time in a hotel room and the lights not being on when I got there after dark. There are several other things about the experience I want to talk about, but I didn’t want to do it all at once. Let’s savor the experiences, shall we?

Anyway, the room was pretty clean. Maids at the hotels, for the most part, do a pretty good job. But there is one thing that they do that I am not sure if it is a training thing, or just personal thing they do to irritate guests…

Ever notice the garbage can liners are tied so tightly that you can hardly get anything to go in them? And then when you push an item into it, it breaks the liner or just causes it to come off altogether?

In this case, every single garbage can liner in the room was so tight that you couldn’t get anything into the cans. Stuff literally just sat on top of the can! I tried to push one item into the can, thinking the liner would open up a little and allow the item to go into the can. Nope. No such luck. It just pulled the whole thing loose. Now there was no point to have a liner in the can at all.

Anyone know? Do they do this on purpose? I have noticed this in several hotels now. It must be an industry thing, but why?


Don’t be that guy

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Don’t be that guy.

Or that one.

Or even that one.

What is with people and leaving their trash cans or recycle cans (or all their cans) out on the road after pickup? I mean seriously. Is it that much work to put your cans away?

I drive through the neighborhood and there are four or five people in about 4 blocks that have had their cans out since the last pickup day…5 days ago…

Don’t be that guy.

Take in your can(s).

If you’re out of town, arrange for someone to do it for you. Otherwise, you really have no excuse. You have to drive or walk by it when you return home so take care of it!

Oh, and while you’re at it, don’t be that guy that lets the animals or birds spread your garbage all over the place either. That’s just irresponsible and lazy.

Do you have any neighbors that do anything that drive you nuts? What do they do to send you over the edge?

Hail (to) the garbageman

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If you are a home owner, you have probably done this at least once. My guess is probably more than once. What is it, you ask?

It looks a little like this…

You’re laying in bad dead asleep. Blissfully not a care in the world when you are awakened by a familiar noise. You listen for a second and then realize that familiar noise is the garbage truck up the street. IT. IS. GARBAGE.DAY. and you forgot to put out the can(s)!

So, you bolt from bed, desperately trying to clothe yourself (or maybe not, if you’re that kind of person) and put on some sort of foot covering as you awkwardly and progressively work your way through the house to the cans that need to be taken to the street.

Now, if you are quick, hopefully you made it to the street before the truck comes rambling up to scoop up your cans as you stand there in the driveway or next to the road, disheveled like you just randomly dressed in clothes you found in the dumpster behind the thrift store. But if you are not…well, my friend, you are just SOL.

Maybe, just maybe, you get lucky and make eye contact with the garbage collection officer and he acknowledges you and comes back to empty your can. That is a glorious day and the victory feels like you should just stop there for the day and not risk further misfortune.

But if you are not that lucky, you get the walk of shame with a full can and another week of stinky garbage. You might as well crawl in the can and wait. There is no coming back from this defeat.

So, don’t be that guy. Get the garbage out and hail to the garbageman.