Survey says? Wait, what?

Just when you think you have seen (or heard, your choice) it all, something happens that sets a new level of absurdity. Ridiculousness. Stupidity. 

I took a survey yesterday that asked me if I owned a zebra. Yeah, you see (photo above) and read that correctly. A zebra? Since when is that even legal?

What’s worse is that it was nestled in there so nicely with all the other choices, which happen to fall into the category of “technology.” So, um, who wrote this survey and what were they thinking? Fire that person!

OK, so here’s the weird thing…I also got a survey from the same place asking if I owned an ostrich (amongst other choices of random household items). Is someone playing Candid Camera with me? Am I being Punk’d? 

Oh, and what happens if I answered that I did own a zebra? What kind of questions would appear on a survey related to “zebra ownership”?


  1. Curt · November 20, 2018

    I wonder if the option was put there just to see if you were taking the survey seriously.


    • backuphill · November 20, 2018

      Could be, but how would they know if I am taking it seriously?

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      • Curt · November 20, 2018

        I suppose you could have checked “zebra” because you did, in fact, own a zebra. However, I was thinking, if you checked the “zebra” box, or another weird box like it elsewhere in the survey, they could probably just assume you’re not serious and exclude all your answers from their statistics. I’m probably overthinking it.


      • backuphill · November 20, 2018

        Well, to be honest AND because I am a smart ass, I almost checked the box for zebra. I wanna know what future surveys would arrive because I “owned” a zebra…or perhaps it’s a trick question from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife agency and I will be arrested for owning an unlicensed exotic animal. Then again, maybe I am overthinking it too.

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