Not the fairest in the land

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There was a clear loser yesterday in the fast food wars. The food from a fast food restaurant was anything but royal.

Headed out of town yesterday and so busy getting ready that I forgot to grab something to eat while at the house. It was an hour drive to the destination, so I wasn’t going to make it without a little food. I remembered there was a Dairy Queen along the route that was easy to get in out of, so it seemed like a decent place to hit the drive thru.

From time of order to food through the window, it was 18 minutes. Not fast food by any means. I happened to notice the time I placed the order because I was on a little bit of a time crunch by then. The line ahead of me in the drive thru was moving very slowly, so I started tracking how long it was taking.

Once back on the road, the food came out of the bag. It wasn’t pretty. Not at all.

Now, I realize it is fast food and the expectations aren’t for gourmet food. However, there is some expectation that the food is decently hot and, after that long of a delay, that the food is relatively fresh. Expectations shattered.

The fries were limp. Crispiness wasn’t even close to the vocabulary. Soggy is more like it. Slightly warm, maybe just above room temp.

The burger was warmer than the fries, but the bun had the consistency of being in the warmer and wrapper for 20 minutes. It had been microwaved to be warmed back up, while still in the wrapper. That much was obvious.

Crappy food after an 18 minute wait. Interesting. Disappointing. Since I was already down the road and running behind, I certainly wasn’t going to turn around and ask for new food.

Mental note made: Don’t stop at the Dairy Queen. Ever.


  1. Curt Gilman · September 30, 2019

    There’s a Dairy Queen in my neighborhood. In fact, as the crow flies, it the closest fast food to my house. I’ve seldom ordered hot food there, but I get an ice cream every month or so, and fortunately I haven’t had an experience like yours. Now, that other fast food royalty, Burger King, is a different story.


    • backuphill · September 30, 2019

      You can’t really go wrong with their ice cream, that is for sure. There is one in my town and we have generally had decent luck with their food. However, the one I visited yesterday was in the next town over and it sucked – royally.

      Burger King also seems to have hit-&-miss consistency as well. I’ve had good and bad, sometimes even in the same restaurant. LOL I guess for me the big thing yesterday was that it took so long (for fast food) and then wasn’t near fresh.

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