Abnormally large litter


There are these companies in Seattle that put out these bikes so people can ride them whenever and wherever they want. Great concept, but execution sucks hardcore.

img_4823.jpgNow, when you are in and around Seattle, you see these stupid unattended bikes littering street corners, parks, lakes, alleys, rivers, etc. all over the city. I have even seen on the news that they are getting tossed off bridges and getting destroyed. Obviously there are others who don’t like them too.

Do people really ride these things? I haven’t seen anyone, have you? But I sure see them left everywhere. Yesterday, in a short four block walk, I saw about 70 bikes in various states of rest. I only captured four on camera because I could have spent an hour trying to take a picture of all of them. I just don’t see how this improves anything. We might as well buy a fleet of Tesla cars, charge them, and then leave them unlocked and pay-walled around the city. At least then they would be parked and not just left willy-nilly everywhere.

Like I said, concept may be good, but the execution leaves something to be desired. Are we so desperate for transportation in the city that we have to put up with abnormally large litter?


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