Music and explicit lyrics

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What is the deal with music and explicit lyrics these days? It seems as though, as a listener, it is becoming harder and harder to avoid. If you look at the top 50 on iTunes and on Amazon (“Best of What’s New to Prime”), at least 30% of the music has the [Explicit] tag with the title. So what gives?

Why does an artist feel the need to express themselves this way? Yes, I know about the whole Freedom of Speech thing, but that isn’t really the issue. The issue is the fact that the explicit lyrics aren’t necessary. It doesn’t improve the song. It doesn’t make the message of the song more meaningful. Music sold without the inclusion of such language in the past and music did well without it.

Perhaps it is just a genre thing? Maybe. I looked at the “50 Great Modern Country Songs” on Amazon music and there was only ONE with explicit language in it. Interesting.

All I know is that it is irritating to me. It perhaps should be irritating to you as well.



  1. deadwriter16 · January 8, 2019

    It sure is. Such a pain to listen to modern music, I tell you. It’s so hard to dig through all the trash in order to find the artists worth listening to.


    • backuphill · January 8, 2019

      It truly is a weird progression. Artists who released albums that had no explicit language in it are now including it in recent releases. It’s like someone said, “Hey, you should write/sing/perform/sell music with profanity in it just because it will be accepted now.” How does that marketing work? Do they think they sell more music because of it?


      • deadwriter16 · January 8, 2019

        Well I think the results speak for themselves? People buy what they think is “in”. See, those artists that live to please the masses will roll out more of what the public wants. Well in that case, they fail to live up to the term “artist” In my eyes. Then it just becomes all about impression and not expression. “Give the people what they want”, ugh I despise that phrase so much.


      • backuphill · January 8, 2019

        That is a great point! Thanks for stopping in today.


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