Wise counsel

Grinding gears

Yeah, this today.

You know how you give someone advice you know is good advice because it comes from experience and yet they decide to do their own thing because they know better without having any experience (except failure)?

Yeah, grinds my gears.

I have not other words.


Ever find yourself giving wise counsel only to have it completely ignored?


  1. The Hinoeuma · September 24, 2019

    Some people are hard headed and have to learn the hard way.


    • backuphill · September 24, 2019

      I wonder how many times they have to be hard headed to actually LEARN from the hard way?


      • The Hinoeuma · September 24, 2019

        If it brings on a hospital stay, PDQ. If death, well…only once.


      • backuphill · September 25, 2019

        I hope it doesn’t go to that extreme. LOL


      • The Hinoeuma · September 25, 2019

        I agree.


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