bridge conifers dam daylight

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Certain situations and certain people leave you silent. Not by choice, mind you, but because you know it will be better for you in the long run. Ok, it is by choice, but you have to because there isn’t really an alternative.

I am talking about biting your lip (some would also bite their tongue) in order to keep from saying something you’re gonna regret- even if it is the truth.

I am getting tired of doing it. That’s my point. I am tired of biting my lip. I am tired of biting my tongue. I am tired of walking on egg shells. I am tired of all the other cliche sayings for holding back.

I am afraid. I am afraid that if I let go and say what I feel, think, want…well, that dam is rather large and it is rather full…there will be a sweeping flood of destruction. That flash flood will not leave much in it’s wake.

So, I keep biting.

And biting.


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