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Only it isn’t the kind our state needed or wanted. Yet, we now know without a doubt that the governor and the health department had an alternative agenda. Revelations like this have a pretty serious implication on the state’s economy, but literally on lives of people who never had the virus, won’t ever have the virus, but are struggling with the isolation or unemployment.

Not only is our state the victim of a massive fraud in unemployment claims, but the governor seems unwilling or unable to deal with it. Instead, he cancels his usual briefing and sends an underling to take the heat. Leadership, eh?

Now, we have confirmation on how the governor’s agenda has played out. Many people, in states all over the US, have suspected for a long time that deaths in their states were being reported as “covid deaths” even though the person died of other causes. Pad the numbers. Make it look worse than it is. Justify lockdowns and killing jobs/the economy by making a totally survivable illness more dangerous than it is. Inflate the numbers for an agenda.

Are you people paying attention to what is going on in your state? Your country? Are you taking the government at its word or are you just hunkered down in fear, waiting for when they tell you “it is safe to come out”?

Conspiracy? No. But there are definitely some who are taking advantage of you while you are living in fear and being distracted by infectious chaos. Do you still believe that all who are in government are looking out for your best interest? If you do, no matter what side of the aisle you are one, then you’re naive at best…but I fear that maybe, if you are one of those who takes everything the government and media tells you without skepticism and cynicism, that you are something worse than naive.

And that is something to fear.






  1. The Hinoeuma · May 26, 2020

    It appears that your state, CA, MI, NY, NJ and my state are run by traitors to their own people. The sad thing is, my state is full of hysterical nutjobs that cheer Cooper and they will all ride the state into ruin. I’m so embarrassed to be a native North Carolinian. At least my small town has *some* reasonable people in it.


    • backuphill · May 27, 2020

      Once again the governor has refused to consider…read that correctly – has refused to even consider, allowing my county to move to the next phase of his plan. That based on his already arbitrary and inconsistent standards. Our local authorities say it’s safe. Dictator much? LOL


      • The Hinoeuma · May 27, 2020

        This situation has given rise to many dictators. People drunk on power…


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