Whack-a-mole car

monopoly car piece

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

Whack-a-mole can be kind of a fun game. But, after a while it gets rather tiring and you just wanna give up and rip the whacker off the game and just whack anything that moves.

I have gotten to that point with my teen daughter’s car. I am tired of playing whack-a-mole on maintenance issues that never seem to stop. I swear this car has become a “money pit” for repairs. Just when you think you have it fixed and it should be good for a while…not so much.


Anyone have a couple thousand dollars they wanna donate to just buy a different used car for her? Didn’t think so. I don’t either.

After having the alternator and battery replaced in the last two weeks, now we have an apparent coolant leak. It’s not running out onto the ground. It doesn’t appear that any hoses are busted. So, that leads me to believe it is probably going into places in the engine it doesn’t belong.


Did I already say that? Sorry. I am just not sure what else to say.



  1. The Hinoeuma · February 6, 2020

    What is it?


    • backuphill · February 6, 2020

      It is an ’02 Saturn L200. It appeared to be a decent deal when it was purchased, but I believe at this point (less than a year since money was handed over) that we were shystered.


      • The Hinoeuma · February 6, 2020

        Since they aren’t made anymore, it will be a devil finding parts for it or someone to work on it. They’ve been defunct for a decade.


      • backuphill · February 7, 2020

        Yeah, there are after market products and we have found two places that have the same year and model in the scrap yard…but, the automotive gymnastics to bring all that together has gotten to be a bit burdensome.


      • The Hinoeuma · February 7, 2020

        I hear ya’. I’m glad Nissan still makes Frontiers. I have a 2008 model.

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