Got away

man s hand in shallow focus and grayscale photography

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I’m late.


The day got away from me. I started working on a project for work and just lost track of time. I supposed that means I won’t Piss and Moan about anything…

Or maybe I will!

Life sucking, or money sucking, family members.

There. How do you feel about that?

There are members of families all over the world that seem to be the parasite, a leech, a blight upon the family. The neediness doesn’t stop and when some people in the family try to stop it, others of the family continue to enable it.

It might be the individual’s fault, or maybe just bad luck (or no luck at all), or maybe they are just the victim of circumstances, doesn’t really matter because they still seem to need something all the time. Want. Need. Whatever. Hand’s always out, looking for something.

“Help.” “Can you lend a hand?” “I was wondering…?” The approach may be different and sometimes it’s even a little veiled to make it look like they aren’t asking for help, but in reality they are. It’s always the same, but different.

Tiring. That’s what it is.


  1. The Hinoeuma · April 28, 2020

    I hear ya’…


    • backuphill · April 29, 2020

      Got some “hangers-on” in your family too, do ya?


      • The Hinoeuma · April 29, 2020

        I did. Broke contact with them some years ago. I have short patience with bulls***.


      • backuphill · April 29, 2020

        I wish I could do that…


      • The Hinoeuma · April 30, 2020

        Well, I have some unique circumstances. I am an only child and I have no children. I still have some contact with maternal uncles and a few cousins but, they don’t get all up in my grill. My grandmothers are gone (those who truly raised me).

        My SO has a daughter & SIL but, they are two hours away. They have no children…just Pugs. They’re nice.


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