Throw the flag!


Alright football fans, do you ever find yourself yelling this at the TV (or if you’re lucky to attend the game, at the actual refs)?

What if there were penalty flags in real life? Wouldn’t that be great if there was a way to immediately have feedback from a random third party that could “throw the flag” as a penalty when someone wrongs you?

Cut you off in traffic? PENALTY FLAG! Move back three cars.

Rudely interrupts a conversation at a restaurant? PENALTY FLAG! They pay for my dinner.

Neighbor’s dog craps in the yard and they don’t clean it up? PENALTY FLAG! They have to mow my lawn for a month.

Someone in the house eats your leftovers? PENALTY FLAG! They have to cook every night for a week.

What do you think? Could you go for this? What are some places you’d love to have someone “throw the flag” in your life? (or, if you’re brave, maybe places you DON’T want a flag thrown!)


  1. Curt Gilman · February 26, 2019

    I’d throw a flag at the guy at the gym who wipes his machines down with his own sweat-drenched towel. Dude, the disinfectant and paper towels are right over there!


    • backuphill · February 26, 2019

      Oh, that’s a good one! But what is the consequence of the infraction?

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      • Curt Gilman · February 26, 2019

        Wiping down ten machines the right way would be an acceptable penalty, I think.


      • backuphill · February 26, 2019

        Good one, and not just ones he’s used either. LOL


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