Hey, kid

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Your momma warned you back in the day. Don’t take candy from strangers, especially the guy that rolls up in a creepy looking van and entices a kid to get in by offering them a piece of candy. You remember that ol’, “Hey, kid, want a piece of candy?” thing, right?

Well, it seems the Democrats in New York essentially have become “that guy in the van.” This is beyond creepy.

Now that the shot is approved for kids 5-11, NY has taken to bribing children to get the shot. Right now, at least according to the article, it can happen at school with parent permission. I can only imagine that when not enough get vaccinated that way the Dems will find a way to remove the parental permission and just let kids decide for themselves. I mean, parental rights have been removed for other healthcare things so why stop for a shot?

Man, this just makes you feel dirty when you think about how the government is going after our kids.

Sure, there is some need for shots and there have been great advances but do you think this is going a little overboard? Actually bribing kids and making it attractive to get a shot when they can’t (in most cases) or won’t even brush their teeth, take a shower, brush their hair, or even wear deodorant?

Oh, but let’s just add one more thing for kids to bully, tease, and harass other students about. I can hear it now…”I got my shot. Did you get yours?”…”So and so doesn’t have the shot! Ewww, you’re do dirty!”…”I bought such and such with my shot money. What did you get?”…

The peer pressure will be immense and you know, without a doubt, that kids will be forging their parents’ names to get the $100.

Sorry, but this is almost criminal when you start thinking of the implications.

Really, really disturbing the Dems have done this route. But maybe I really shouldn’t be surprised, they are already bullying and threatening adults who don’t get the shot, so this is the next logical step.

The slippery slope is no longer a slope.

Fear and control

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Here we go again…

Totally predictable.

Fear and control were waning, so they need another variant to blast over the airwaves. Still too many people haven’t subjugated themselves to the shot and no amount of fearmongering will control them, so let’s go back to masking…first we’ll recommend it but eventually we are going to have to force them again.

Good grief, this is all so stupid.

The thin veneer they are operating under is so transparent. Now you have states telling people they have no choice to get the shot or submit to continual testing? Police state much?

Frogs in a slow boiling pot. You’ll are frogs.

Not sheep.

Life will never be back to “normal” if you keep letting them take it from you.

The CDC recommends…

Body condoms, Naked Gun (the movie)

I am sure you are starting to dread what comes next, after those words, “The CDC recommends…”. It seems the recommendations are about as based in science as they are in absurdity.

So, it should come as no surprise that there will be a higher than usual demand for full body condoms and personal breathing apparatuses (after all, it’s hard to breath in a rubber sack).

The CDC has now recommended that everyone over the age of 12 should wear a full body condom while in public, anywhere, all the time. This of course will prevent you from getting or giving the coronavirus, the flu,, and nearly all other transmissible diseases. There. We have finally gotten to the whole “living in a bubble” idea. Besides, it is also much faster to hose yourself down with bleach (or other preferred chemical) when you return home.

I have no idea why the CDC recommends getting the vaccine. It sure doesn’t meet with common sense if people are still recommended to social distance of at least three feet AND where a mask. I mean, is there really a point if you still have to do those things?

Look, people get the flu shot every year and they still have the possibility of getting the flu. If you get the covid vaccine then you still have a chance of getting covid. I get it. But, much like the flu, the severity of symptoms is minimized. That’s why they recommend getting the flu shot. So, the logic behind all of this is completely counter to what has happened in the past.

If someone doesn’t want to get the vaccine, they shouldn’t have to wear the “Scarlet U” of a facemask. Those who are vaccinated are technically protected against covid. Those who remain unvaccinated know the risk they are taking and for those who took an unproven vaccine knew the risks they were taking.

There are lots of things out there the CDC now recommends. If you want a laugh, do a search….or read the headlines. Either way works.

Riddle me this

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Are vaccination cards really that necessary? We don’t need them and don’t get them when people get the flu shot. So, I feel like the push to get a vaccination card doesn’t take into account one medical fact – if you had Covid, you don’t need a vaccine.

At least that is what we have been told about how natural immunity and our bodies work.

We have always been told for years and years and years that when you get sick with something, your body’s immune system kicks into gear to fight it and builds immunity to it on it’s own. The next time your body encounters the sickness you either are less likely to get it because of immunity or your body has already established antibodies and the sickness is less severe each and every time you get it thereafter. Eventually, you become immune to it altogether (at least until it mutates).

Does this not apply to Covid?

If you have had Covid, your body went into it’s natural cycle of building immunity to it. Your body fought the sickness and it won. Congrats! You now have naturally built immunity to it. That isn’t to say that you can’t get it again, but that your body is now less susceptible to it. If this is the case, them why would you need to get a vaccine?

As such, I believe someone has forgotten to ask the question about those who have already had Covid – if someone already has had it, then there is no need for a vaccine. If there is no need for a vaccine, then there is no need for a vaccination card. If no vaccination card, then you will be discriminated against when trying to do activities you have done all your life…

Yeah, that makes sense.

The whole vaccine card thing wreaks of control.

So, riddle me this, what about those who have had Covid and don’t need to get a vaccine but need a vaccine card to participate in society? What do we do about that?

Have or have not

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No, this isn’t a Tyler Perry show, nor is it related to personal financial bottom lines.

In this case, I think we are quickly going to become a nation (or maybe world) of “have or have not” vaccinated.

“Have you, or have you not, had the Covid-19 vaccine?”

I believe that will become a common question in society when the vaccine becomes widely available to the public. Not that it is anyone else’s business, but I just have a feeling like it will suddenly become so. A year ago no one would have ever imagined that you would have to announce before attending a public event that you were vaccinated against mumps, rubella, chicken pox, or whatever…am I right? So, what is coming seems implausible and yet all the more plausible at the same time.

No, I am not a vaccine conspiracy theorist when it comes to vaccines. I don’t believe the government is putting something in them to track us or to control us. No, I don’t believe a vaccine causes autism. No, I am not one to think that vaccines are all bad either. I believe they have their place and have been useful throughout history. I was vaccinated as a child and I vaccinated my own. So, there’s that. I believe it should be a choice. How is that the “my body, my choice” mantra only applies to certain situations? It should be a choice.

I don’t get the flu shot and never have. I also don’t think everyone should.

So, when it comes to the vaccine for Covid, yeah, I’m not on board that bus either.

But, what I envision is that not only will we be required (it’s voluntary now) to use the contract tracing apps on our phones, but we will also have to disclose whether or not we have had the vaccine for every day situations that were normal in the past:

  • Want to go to a professional sporting event? Have = you’re in, have not = you’re out.
  • Want to go to a concert? Have = you’re in, have not = you’re out.
  • Want to go to a restaurant to sit down and eat? Have = you’re in, have not = you’re out.
  • Want to fly to another state or another country? Have = you’re in, have not = you’re out.
  • Want to attend college? Have = you’re in, have not = you’re out.
  • Want to go to a theme park? Have = you’re in, have not = you’re out.
  • Want to go to a movie theater? Have = you’re in, have not = you’re out.
  • Want to get a job (or keep your job)? Have = you’re in, have not = you’re out.

Ultimately, we will become a society of those who have and those who have not, each with our own separate places to go, see, and do. Businesses will have it posted in their windows and online for those who “have not” to be excluded and they will gladly accept those who “have.” Perhaps they (example, restaurants) will figure out a way to serve both “have” and “have nots” – say haves can dine inside while the have nots will be relegated to an outside dining experience in fresh air or a tent (kinda like now, during the lockdown).

Either way, this will, of course, lead to a society of financial have and have nots too. It’s inevitable.

Or, I could just be imagining things.