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Going backwards? Strange concept in the times we live, but it I think it bears asking since we have set ourselves up for it…

Given the situation with Covid-19, is the public (general population) going to accept going backwards when it comes to a “disinfected” shopping experience? Or are employees going to be OK with going back to the way it was before? Are government services going to be restored and go back to business as usual? Because germs and disease existed before this whole thing and they will continue to exist after as well.

So, some questions?

Is everyone OK with the removal of the plexi-glass cages cashiers are now in? They protect the public and the cashier, so are they going to stay?

Is everyone OK with discontinuing the disinfecting of each and every shopping cart? Again, it gives the perception that the business cares about it’s shoppers. Is that not important after the threat of Covid-19 has dissipated? What about the flu and other infectious bacteria/viruses?

Is everyone OK with going back to full capacity seating in restaurants?  More people packed into a small space is good, right?

Is everyone OK with door handles, counter-tops, and self-serve check out stands not being cleaned after each use?

Is everyone OK with standing inside of six feet of other customers, shoppers, employees, co-workers, supervisors, non-family members, etc?

I am being the devil’s advocate here because, of course, we are going to go right back to the way it was right after this whole things is over and everyone has moved through the proper “phases of reopening.” Right? Back to “normal.”

But in doing so, we basically are going to say it is OK to go back to a society that allows for thousands of deaths each year from the flu. Or, we are going back to a society that expects less of the places we frequent because, well, it isn’t practical or cost effective to keep it up.

So, dirty and contagious it is. Kinda makes you think, doesn’t it? If it was possible now, why not then. If it was possible now, why not continue it? It’s a lose-lose battle for consumers and businesses.

Happy back to normal! Eventually.



  1. Curt Gilman · June 3, 2020

    My gut feeling is that “normal” is still a long way off. The psychological effects of months of government-imposed cowering in fear are going to take years for many people to get over. Some people may never get over it.


    • backuphill · June 3, 2020

      So very true. There is much evidence to prove “normal” will not be what it was. Damage has been done mentally and physically, as well as economically.

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  2. The Hinoeuma · June 3, 2020

    You’re asking the same questions I am. Is the world gonna perpetually walk around with face masks until they die? Is every business (what’s left of them) gonna have daily sanitizing parties? Will every store still have those stupid stickers on the floor for “distancing?”

    Nah. I suspect every hysterical idiot is just BEGGING for a vaccine so they can be “COVID clear.” Yeah. Y’all go first. And, while you’re at it, do some research on what happened to the folks that took the Swine Flu vaccine in 1976. Ask about some of those teens that took the HPV vaccine.

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    • backuphill · June 3, 2020

      That is, of course, the supposed direction the counter of perpetual cleanliness – mandatory vaccination for everyone. And, as you have pointed out, that will go swimmingly well…

      I don’t get the flu shot and never have. I can only imagine that nearly everything that has a vaccine will become mandatory so we can ward off everything. Or not.

      Biologically speaking, isn’t natural selection and mutation how we got here today (good grief the cans of worms just keep getting opened)? So, why vaccinate at all? Herd immunity and mutation will make us stronger…

      What a freaking disaster our stupidity can get us into.

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      • The Hinoeuma · June 3, 2020

        In my particular, i.e. specific, case, I have benefit of the Chris Thomas material. ALL vaccines are unnecessary. Most people have no clue just how powerful they really are and have the ability to heal themselves. But, government mind programming has not only robbed them of truthful information, it’s also robbed them of the ability to think clearly & reason. Hollyweird reinforces the stupidity.

        “…how we got here today…” is far more complicated than you could imagine.

        I wish I could tell you to get Chris’s 11 books but, all but the last two are nearly impossible to get. I do have all of his blog posts & essays posted plus, all of his interviews. He was a psychic healer that had a 30+ year career, with his wife, in Wales. You do not stay in business long if your are a charlatan. He could scan bodies like an MRI and could make energetic adjustments. But, he would tell you, straight up…”If you do not correct some behaviors in your life, this problem will come back. Eventually, my assistance will not work, anymore.” The man never got rich and he is, now, in a wheelchair (was brutally attacked) being tended to by his wife.

        I may or may not have already mentioned him but…here is a re-visit. 💖🤗


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