Stiff and sore

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All that work on the house and in the yard yesterday has me moving much slower today. Age isn’t just a number, so don’t listen.

I suppose if I did this stuff on a regular basis, I would be less sore. But, climbing up and down a ladder repeatedly to put up gutter guards and using the shears to cut down bushes aren’t something that happens regularly, so that little piece of advice goes in one ear and out the other.

OK, OK, being more physically active would be better, I know.

But today, just let me wallow in my tired, stiff and sore irritation. It’s just best for everyone.


Just 6″ please!

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One thing I have wished for all my life is six inches. I just want six more inches!

There are a lot of things that are inconvenient in life when you are short. 5’4″ is kinda short. Hey, I can’t help it, I have short parents too.

Anyway, six inches would go a long way in solving a lot of problems. First, it would put me a couple inches above the height of average American males, but it wouldn’t make me too tall (not that that is really an issue, I guess). Second, I could reach the top shelf of the cupboards without having to get out something to stand on. Third, I could easily find pants that fit.

Oh yeah, that last one is a big one, let me tell you! Being stalky is no day at the park, I have to say. Either the waist is too big, the legs too short, or the thighs and calves too tight. So, I have to make compromises. Purchased pants usually are too long and I either wear them that way (cuz they do shrink a little) or I have them hemmed (good luck trying to find people that do that these days).

Anyway, being short sucks. So, I’ll keep hoping I wake up 6″ taller some day. Or, hey, if you think about it, how about shooting up a prayer or two for me? You just never know, maybe someone will finally get the hint. Or, we’re getting into Santa season, maybe I’ll find some height in my stocking. What do you think Santa? Got my back on that one?

I didn’t think so.