blue and gray concrete house with attic during twilight

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There used to be some advertising out there that said, “Ownership has its privileges.” It was something to that effect. I think it was American Express that used to say “Membership has its privileges.” It doesn’t really matter who said what though.

As I sit here on Labor Day and ponder the long list of “To Do” items I have I am starting to wonder if ownership really has its privileges. The “to do” list that needs to be completed before the Fall weather begins to set in is rather daunting and the house seemingly is in constant need of something – repair, upkeep, upgrade…

It’s tiring. It’s costly. It’s annoying.

I have experience all the living situations. Growing up, of course, and living with my parents we were always asked to do chores and we did them. After moving out, I have had apartments that had virtually no upkeep on my part. The apartment life eventually led to the desire to “have my own place” instead of paying someone for their ownership. I have owned my own home and I really like the yard work. There was something different about it when it was my own yard rather than my parents’ yard. I didn’t mind the work, at least for a while. I have owned a condo where the yard work was all done by the HOA and really there was veery little that needed to be done as far as maintenance goes. But, eventually, that feeling of wanting a yard of my own came back again. Well, I once again own a home and I have tired of work that has to go into it. Just the every day upkeep can get overwhelming but then add the looming big expenses like roof replacement, house painting, crawl space cleanup, landscaping…the list never ends!

Is it really a perk to own your own place when, after all, you still face stupid regulations from the city and county about what you can do with your own property? You may not be able to do what you really want to do, so is it really a perk?

I am starting to question the ownership thing and I am also beginning to yearn for the condo days again.

Some days “adulting” can be a real bummer. I am about to labor all day in the yard and on or around the house on Labor Day.

Happy not really a day off because life keeps up.


  1. The Hinoeuma · September 2, 2019

    I’ve never owned a home & I’m 53. I never could afford payments, let alone upkeep. I’ve either rented or lived in family property.


    • backuphill · September 2, 2019

      I suppose there are negatives and positives to that too. There is freedom in not being tied down to a piece of property and yet there may still be that desire to have something of the “American Dream” to call YOURS. I find after the years that I still have both, which is irritating and comforting at the same time.


      • The Hinoeuma · September 2, 2019

        Nothing like being caught up in two diametrically opposed emotions.

        I’ve also moved…a lot…something like 25 times, even if it was just across town. I’ve lived in four different states. All of that gets to be a giant pain in the ass. Each move is met with “Do I REALLY need all of this crap?” If I come into some money by some Universal miracle, I would like an RV…take my dwelling with me. Park & stay a while or…move on, day to day. There is security, I’m sure, in putting down roots. The longest I’ve lived anywhere, in one dwelling, was TX…for nine years. I do miss that home. It was lovely (owned by my ex…).

        Ah, geez…I’m babbling.


      • backuphill · September 3, 2019

        Moved a lot. That seems to be a theme with a lot of people I know. I too would love to get an RV and travel to my heart’s content.

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