Stiff and sore

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All that work on the house and in the yard yesterday has me moving much slower today. Age isn’t just a number, so don’t listen.

I suppose if I did this stuff on a regular basis, I would be less sore. But, climbing up and down a ladder repeatedly to put up gutter guards and using the shears to cut down bushes aren’t something that happens regularly, so that little piece of advice goes in one ear and out the other.

OK, OK, being more physically active would be better, I know.

But today, just let me wallow in my tired, stiff and sore irritation. It’s just best for everyone.



  1. The Hinoeuma · September 3, 2019

    Big tub. Hot water. Epsom salts. Shot of expensive Brandy.


    • backuphill · September 3, 2019

      I have 25% of that list…hot water. But, since I am at work, I have none of those. LOL I hear drinking at work is frowned upon, but then so is taking a bath so I guess I’ll suffer all day.


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