Have or have not

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

No, this isn’t a Tyler Perry show, nor is it related to personal financial bottom lines.

In this case, I think we are quickly going to become a nation (or maybe world) of “have or have not” vaccinated.

“Have you, or have you not, had the Covid-19 vaccine?”

I believe that will become a common question in society when the vaccine becomes widely available to the public. Not that it is anyone else’s business, but I just have a feeling like it will suddenly become so. A year ago no one would have ever imagined that you would have to announce before attending a public event that you were vaccinated against mumps, rubella, chicken pox, or whatever…am I right? So, what is coming seems implausible and yet all the more plausible at the same time.

No, I am not a vaccine conspiracy theorist when it comes to vaccines. I don’t believe the government is putting something in them to track us or to control us. No, I don’t believe a vaccine causes autism. No, I am not one to think that vaccines are all bad either. I believe they have their place and have been useful throughout history. I was vaccinated as a child and I vaccinated my own. So, there’s that. I believe it should be a choice. How is that the “my body, my choice” mantra only applies to certain situations? It should be a choice.

I don’t get the flu shot and never have. I also don’t think everyone should.

So, when it comes to the vaccine for Covid, yeah, I’m not on board that bus either.

But, what I envision is that not only will we be required (it’s voluntary now) to use the contract tracing apps on our phones, but we will also have to disclose whether or not we have had the vaccine for every day situations that were normal in the past:

  • Want to go to a professional sporting event? Have = you’re in, have not = you’re out.
  • Want to go to a concert? Have = you’re in, have not = you’re out.
  • Want to go to a restaurant to sit down and eat? Have = you’re in, have not = you’re out.
  • Want to fly to another state or another country? Have = you’re in, have not = you’re out.
  • Want to attend college? Have = you’re in, have not = you’re out.
  • Want to go to a theme park? Have = you’re in, have not = you’re out.
  • Want to go to a movie theater? Have = you’re in, have not = you’re out.
  • Want to get a job (or keep your job)? Have = you’re in, have not = you’re out.

Ultimately, we will become a society of those who have and those who have not, each with our own separate places to go, see, and do. Businesses will have it posted in their windows and online for those who “have not” to be excluded and they will gladly accept those who “have.” Perhaps they (example, restaurants) will figure out a way to serve both “have” and “have nots” – say haves can dine inside while the have nots will be relegated to an outside dining experience in fresh air or a tent (kinda like now, during the lockdown).

Either way, this will, of course, lead to a society of financial have and have nots too. It’s inevitable.

Or, I could just be imagining things.

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