Morning flight

man walking on the road holding black luggage during sunset

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Travel day has arrived! To say that I am excited might be an understatement. Sun, baseball, buddies, beer, food,…yeah, it’s gonna be a blast.

Unfortunately, the start hasn’t been completely smooth.

I left the house one time and got the the airport exactly as anticipated. Grabbed the small suitcase, pulled up the handle for better handling while rolling, and headed to check in for my flight. I was checking the bag (it’s free) so I didn’t bother to check in early.

I got to the kiosk, checked in, and went to put the handle down on the suitcase and it won’t go down…like not move, at all….I pushed. I shoved. I pulled. I pounded. I tried finessing it. NOTHING. It isn’t moving. Great.

I am not unpacking this thing to see if I can get the bars for the handle to move from the inside. Oh, and I didn’t happen to bring my hacksaw with me so I can’t cut the dang thing off.

I asked the luggage people what I should do. They said, “We’ll still check it.” REALLY? Thank goodness!

Stress melted away.

Coffee is being consumed and I am waiting to board my flight. Let’s hope that is the only challenge faced during this trip.



  1. Hey, I Am Just Another Writer · February 26, 2020

    I got mine with the wheels broken, can’t wheel it smoothly and effortlessly like others, but still dragging it around annoyingly every time I travel. Too lazy to get it fixed. Have a good trip!


    • backuphill · February 26, 2020

      Oh, broken wheels isn’t fun either. I have wheels that work but that handle is going to have to be “handled.” LOL

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  2. Curt Gilman · February 26, 2020

    Safe travels! If stubborn luggage is your biggest issue, you’re off to a good start.


    • backuphill · February 26, 2020

      Thanks! Yeah, that was the only challenge of the day.


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