Space fatigue

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Space is not endless, at least not in the “out of this world” sense.

We humans like to collect stuff. Some of it is useful, some not so useful. Some of it is because of nostalgia, memories, sentimental value, or whatever and then sometimes it’s just because it’s cool. Whatever the reason we collect stuff, there is always a tipping point that each of us reaches.

“Where am I going to put this?”

Space, especially in a small-ish house, comes at a premium. There is only so much space. You can only rearrange it so many times before you just don’t have any options left. You can stuff it full (hoarders?) or you can try to maintain a balance, but for every single thing that comes into the house there has to be a space for it to go.

Why do we have a hard time letting go of things? What is it about an item that makes us keep them for whatever weird reason it is? Why do we even store things for other people (kids, relatives, friends) when we don’t have space for ourselves?

A tipping point has been reached here.

There can be no more things brought home without giving up ground on something that no longer has a useful purpose, or is used more than a couple times a year. There just can’t be more. It’s hard to say, “No,” to someone or even myself but there is this fatigue that becomes too great for trying to make things “work” or “fit.”

This space is either going to be the final frontier with manageable things, or it’s time to explore different worlds and expand this universe.


  1. G. J. Jolly · March 16, 2021

    The “social distancing” and “staying at home” modes have evoked a need for more empty space, at least for me. There was a time when I wanted all the carnal glass my mother hid away from days of long ago, but now, when I think about those items, all that comes to mind are “dust collectors”. I don’t even collect books anymore, which is odd for someone who spends most of her time writing and reading. Instead, I read the book and take it to the used book store in town. I’m in a Fung Shui mode these days.


    • backuphill · March 16, 2021

      I think a good number of people went through the “clean out my stuff” mode early on in the stay at home period (with no place to take it since everything was closed too). There was a fair amount of “is this necessary” here too. When the nest becomes empty (or very nearly empty) a reexamination of the surroundings becomes a requirement of sorts. Priorities shift. Minimalization because a gift, if you’re willing to part with stuff. The “willing” part is most difficult.


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