Traffic in Oregon

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There are a lot of things wrong in Oregon. The direction of the state, politically speaking, is headed entirely in the wrong direction and the policies of the state are on full view as you drive through the state. However, that isn’t the point of this post.

I am not sure what the hell is wrong with drivers down there, but they (as a whole; generalization, I know) are terrible.

My recent trip through the state left me with a bad impression. It seems many of the drivers down there have little road knowledge or just have decided they are going to have no roadway courtesy at all. I couldn’t drive quickly enough to get through the state after all the frustration.

First case in point, left lane vs. right lane.

I-5 through most of the state is two lanes wide. Sure, it widens to some degree in major cities and through mountain passes, as needed, but for the most part there are more miles of two lanes than three. This is a problem for drivers who are going through the state.

It seems in Oregon a vast majority of the drivers (I can see license plates so I know what state they are from) like to camp in the left lane instead of being courteous and moving back to the right lane after overtaking a vehicle. They just perpetually are left lane drivers.

Now, for the road illiterate…on a two lane highway, the right lane is for slower vehicles (in general) and “local” travel. The left lane is the “fast” lane and for through (or distance) travel. However, courtesy says that on a two lane highway traffic should keep right except for passing (in some cases, like WA, it is state law). Regardless of your speed, even if you are “fast,” you should still move to the right (if space allows, think minimum 100 yards) until you overtake the next vehicle.

Anyway, Oregon drivers apparently don’t know these rules or they have total disregard for them. I can’t tell you the number of times I had to step on the brake to come out of cruise control to slow down behind a long line of vehicles in the left lane. In some cases, it was actually faster and a greater distance of free travel in the right lane because of these idiots!

I’ll tell you…you learn things on road trips (or maybe are reminded) and I learned again and was reinforced that I dislike people, and Oregon.

**disclaimer: I do really like the natural beauty in Oregon, but that is about it.**


  1. G. J. Jolly · January 11, 2022

    I’m going to burst your little bubble. The type of driving you’re complaining about in Oregon isn’t just happening there. It’s all over the US. The majority of drivers nationwide are not following the rules of courteous driving. Moreover, it isn’t just happening on the highways. It’s happening in Washington too, although you may be blind to it because you love your home state.


    • backuphill · January 11, 2022

      Well, of course it is! But it was pretty prevalent in Oregon. How bad? I actually noticed it was easier to drive in California than in Oregon (and that is saying something right there!).

      And I am far from blind to it! At them moment, I don’t love my state. There is a certain left-leaning political party that is destroying at every turn. But, to stay on topic, drivers here are fairly courteous, although Seattle is a pain in the arse to drive through and around.


  2. Kmrand · March 3

    I recently moved from Texas to Oregon and my oh my. There really are some rude drivers here! When we first moved here I remember actually searching to see if there were recent changes to speed limit laws that hadn’t gone into effect yet. Could be doing ten above the speed limit and people would still be riding my bumper. I also read Oregon is on a top list for worst drivers šŸ˜….


    • backuphill · March 4

      Thanks for piping in! It is always weird driving in a different state. They all seem to have their own “character,” which makes it weird to experience and adjust to.

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  3. Kmrand · March 4



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