Keep your paws off

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There are certain things in life that just shouldn’t be. And, to be fair, there are probably things in life that just should be. As humans, we like things to be a certain way – our way.

I am right and you are wrong. Plain and simple.

I just want to point out a place where I just want it to be a certain way. If I am honest, it is that I just don’t like sharing certain things. It’s mine and I want it to stay that way! To what am I referring?

Restaurant leftovers.

Petty? Yes. Piss me off? Definitely.

Keep your paws off my leftovers. I ordered it and I brought it home, for me to eat, not you! Just because it is in the fridge doesn’t mean it is fair game to anyone that opens the door. Got it?

Unless I have given explicit permission, it is not yours to eat. Period. So, stay away!

How do you feel about your leftovers? Have you ever experienced this outrage, at home? At the office? Shared apartment with roommates? What’s your worst experience with this?


  1. Curt Gilman · March 1, 2019

    Nearly every time there are leftovers in the fridge at home, it’s something my wife brought home specifically for me to finish. No rage necessary.

    At work? I do not use the fridge at work, period. It’s basically an unsanitary science experiment gone wrong, and I don’t trust my co-workers not to steal anything when I’m not looking. I pack everything I plan to eat in a lunchbox that I keep on my desk.


    • backuphill · March 1, 2019

      Ah, yes, so you have a standing agreement about leftovers – what was her is now yours. I get that. So when she wants to finish something herself, does she let you know specifically?

      I don’t use the fridge at work either. Things have been known to disappear, not my things but I have heard mumblings. I actually have my own little mini-fridge in my cube. So I don’t even need a lunchbox, which is nice.


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