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I have written in the past about a co-worker who talks so fast that she sucks all the air out of the room and doesn’t leave room for anyone else to say anything.

Well, I also have a co-worker that apparently thinks she can read my mind and tries to finish my sentences for me, right or wrong. We can be talking about something and she interrupts to try and say what she thinks I was going to say, only for me to stop and have to redirect her in another direction. She must think she knows everything.

I am pretty sure that means she isn’t really listening, but trying formulate where I am going so she can jump ahead and finish what it is we are working on or trying to troubleshoot.

Irritating. Not to mention it takes more time than necessary because you are always putting her back on the right track.

Tell me something annoying about one of your co-workers. What drives you nuts at work? Let’s commiserate!


  1. Curt Gilman · April 10, 2019

    We all have forgotten to shut off the ringers of our mobile phones before, but there’s one co-worker who consistently cranks the volume on hers up to 11 and then disappears for hours. She’s always getting calls, and to top it off, her custom ringtone is heavy metal something or other.


    • backuphill · April 10, 2019

      Oh, that is annoying! I wonder why she disappears and to where? LOL . I have a co-worker that walks into work every morning using Facetime with someone she knows. Why do people have such a hard time putting down the phone?

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