What the heck, WordPress?

WP menu

Are you like me and logged in this morning to find something different with your WordPress account? Maybe the layout is different? The Sidebar on the left is missing stuff?

Looks like WordPress has made change to the organization of the sidebar and I DON’T LIKE IT!

In the “cleaning up” process, they actually created more clicks for users to start a post. It went from one to three because an “Add Post” button is now buried in the menu.

This sucks. Stop changing stuff and put it back!

Thanks, but no thanks on this one.


  1. Curt Gilman · April 25, 2019

    I use the app more than the website, and that changed this morning too. So far I haven’t noticed anything too different other than the color scheme, but I’ve only been reading and commenting today.


    • backuphill · April 25, 2019

      That is good to know, though I rarely use the app. Maybe the web version is supposed to mimic the app more closely. But, I rarely use the app except maybe to upload a photo or something. I haven’t found like I like doing this blog think on such a small screen. LOL


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