Spring cleaning

Photo by alleksana on Pexels.com

I started going through the list of “followers” a couple of days ago. The number of “people” following this blog is astonishingly filled with a huge number of abandoned or completely inauthentic accounts. There are so many fake accounts, bot accounts, or inactive accounts. As such, I have started deleting them. I am watching the number of “followers” dwindle and its a little disheartening.

Truth be told, I didn’t start this place to vent so I would gain a huge following and suddenly become the next internet sensation. It truly was a place to vent about anything and everything. If it struck a cord with people or caused them to be interested in what the next topic might be or identified with what I was saying, great. I welcome any and (almost) all interaction.

But, it the disheartening part is that the actual number of people who might really be paying attention is kinda small. I still have a lot of cleaning up to do and so those number of “followers” will surely shrink.

I guess one of the questions we really have to ask of other bloggers is what that number of “followers” they claim to have actually is. I see accounts all the time with a large number of followers but I now wonder how many of those numbers are actual people and not just fake accounts.

Do other bloggers pay any attention to this or are the numbers simply just a number to brag about, to market their blog to others based on inflated data? Does it really matter to a company if the numbers a blogger (or other social media influencer) has are authentic or are they just simply looking for people with a large “audience”?

Questions I don’t really care to know the answer to, I guess. I suppose I am just talking out loud here. But it makes me wonder…


  1. Stuart Danker · March 11

    I think number of followers don’t matter as much as the engagement rate, because I’ve seen blogs with tens of thousands of followers, yet they get only one comment for each post they put out, which makes me think that yes, those followers are indeed of the shady variety. Anyway, great on you for culling your list. No need for bot followers here.


    • backuphill · March 11

      Thanks for the comment, Stuart. I appreciate the feedback and the support. I would agree that engagement is really what it comes down to. I would like to have more of that as well!


  2. The Hinoeuma · March 11

    A lot of times, I see new followers that follow me…just for me to follow them. It is a fishing expedition. And, I really don’t care who follows me but, I will not tolerate any nastiness in my comments.


    • backuphill · March 12

      There are a lot of those tit for tat type follows. I only follow who I am truly interested in.


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