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Sponsorship is a weird thing.

No, I haven’t been sponsored yet, but if you would like to, just leave me a note in the comments and I’ll follow up.

Anyway, on my trip last week I was at the Phoenix Suns game and I noticed in lots of different places that they had things going on around the arena that were sponsored by a college. Northern Arizona University, to be specific.

To be clear, I know nothing about this college. I don’t really care to know anything about this particular school. But, what I do know of colleges in general is that they are expensive – usually for no good reason other than they are trying to make a profit (even the supposed “non-profit” schools).

Therein lies the rub for me.

Sponsorships are usually something that has to be paid up front so you can have your name plastered all over the event, product, or other whatever. So, the way I see it is that this school sponsored events at a professional sports game and arena so that it could be noticed and maybe more students would enroll there. One can only assume at this point then is that the school is jacking up tuition and fees so that it can pay for official sponsorships at high profile locations like professional sports teams and arenas, which by the way don’t really need any help with promotions.

Why is college expensive? One of the many reasons is because of unnecessary crap like this. I highly doubt they can show that promotions at this venue have generated sufficient enrollments to cover the cost of the sponsorship.

Colleges shouldn’t be allowed to do sponsorships, period.

Tell me I’m wrong. Well, try to anyway.


  1. Anthony · May 4, 2020

    Good luck on finding sponsorships. Some people seem to get them.
    I have always found it funny that people who need the money spend a lot of money to make it. I heard that about 75 percent of money donated to charity is spent raising more money (often from corporate sponsors). So why did they beg me for money?
    As for schools….yeah, wouldn’t free quality education be a great piece of publicity? Wouldn’t the graduates feel proud to donate?


    • backuphill · May 4, 2020

      Still working on finding that sponsor…

      Some charities do a good job of getting the money to where it is supposed to do and others maybe not so much. But, I would agree there is an awful lot of effort put into fundraising.

      Free school? Basic education, yes. Higher ed? Free isn’t the answer. It should cost something. Should it cost as much as it does, nope! But after having been in the classroom as a high school teacher for 15 years and watching students get “free education” (we all pay for it) they didn’t appreciate, I don’t think free continuing on into “free college” (because we all would have to pay for that too) will make much difference in the outcome.

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