A matter of trust

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Last week I said there was a red line that seemed to get farther and farther away because the government seemed to have ulterior motives. I wrote that in the morning on Friday. Friday evening, a report cam out that kinda confirms the suspicions of many who abided by the initial red line and then saw it move.

The governor of Washington, Jay Inslee, keeps moving the red line and the state’s residents are paying the price. Healthy residents are confined to their homes “Stay Home, Stay Healthy), businesses are struggling, cities are becoming insolvent, hospitals (the supposed “front lines”) are furloughing or laying people off. There has been clear evidence of a power grab and then we hear this…

In an interview with Bernie Sanders, Inslee said (starting @ 48:00), “this has always been an economic opportunity … we should not be intimidated by people who say you should not use this COVID crisis to peddle a solution to climate change … we can’t use COVID as an excuse for inaction on climate change … they’re both so similar … based on an understanding of science.” (here is the specific part in a shorter clip)

Um, did you catch that? So, this pandemic is a great opportunity to tear down the economy and start back with green solutions? Yeah, no. Not the time or the place. People are suffering and the pandering to socialist causes isn’t the time to push an agenda either.

Fraud is rampant in unemployment claims when the people could actually be working and providing for their families. There wouldn’t even be a need for unemployment claims if this jackwagon would let people make decisions for themselves instead of using the government to abuse the rights of its citizens.

It’s an issue of trust, and quite frankly no one trusts him. No one trusts that what has been done has been done for the right reasons.

How far are you willing to let them go? You have common sense (assumptions being made here) and you can see how this has gone. Can you take a guess about where it will continue to go? Do you blindly go “like sheep to the slaughter” because you gave “up essential liberty to purchase temporary safety”?



  1. The Hinoeuma · May 19, 2020

    Well said. We have a s*** governor here, too. Cooper is a nutjob. I’ve already posted about the Master Chief, standing in the surf on our coast, in uniform. Raleigh is getting demonstrations, daily. If he continues, unabated, Dan Forest will have a great platform to stand on.


    • backuphill · May 19, 2020

      Thanks. Hopefully, this gov gets voted out this fall. I’ll hope the same for your gov too!

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  2. Curt Gilman · May 20, 2020

    Whenever politicians use the word “science” to back up their agendas, it triggers my Spidey-sense hard.


    • backuphill · May 21, 2020

      Science, numbers, facts, data…all can be interpreted and manipulated to fit whatever agenda fits the current moment. Oh, and “experts” also have agendas…so people need to be vigilant and ask questions, not just swallow the pill.

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