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It seems Black Friday started at the beginning of October this year. I guess we are living, supposedly, in perpetual “Black Friday prices” land for the foreseeable future. Today is Cyber Monday and best I can tell they are just the Black Friday prices recycled. Anyone else feel that’s the way it’s been for the last several years?

Yes, I am paying attention to the sales, though I haven’t yet left the house to go to any…because, why? Why leave home for a sale when you can get the same thing online? “It’s for the experience.” LOL Been there and done that in my younger years. Wasn’t worth it. No one needs that experience. Besides, there isn’t anything that I want that bad.

Oops, did you catch that in the last sentence?

“…anything that I WANT that bad.”

Hence, the problem with shopping the sales this time of year. Anyone else have a hard time not shopping for themselves?

As I look through the various sales, I inevitably find things that I want – either have been looking at in the past and was waiting for a sale or it’s something completely random and I just WANT it.

I typically resist this urge, but at times it is difficult. This time of year sucks because the budget can only handle so much (even with planning) and then all of the sudden I find myself thinking, “It’s on sale? Sweet, just what I have been waiting for!” Half of my browsing is seeing things I want to buy or would buy if I was Christmas shopping.

Anyone else’s shopping dominated by thoughts about just buying stuff for yourself?

It’s a problem and I don’t like it. Not because I don’t have the money, but because my discipline is seriously eroding with each passing moment.


  1. G. J. Jolly · November 30, 2021

    I’m in the opposite predicament. I see nothing worth buy. Either I already have that thing I wanted or what I see doesn’t have any value for me. Sure, that torch lamp is nice, but if I bought it, what would I do with the lamp I’m using? And would that torch lamp really serve any practical purpose for me?

    People have become bottomless pits for “stuff” anymore, never satisfied with what they already have.


    • backuphill · November 30, 2021

      I think there is a balance in there. Over the last few years, I think there is less and less that really catches my eye also. But, there are always those things that would replace something that is warn out or would just make life a little easier. Really, it is trying to decide between want and need. Something I am fairly good at, but there are those moments where I can see myself just saying, “I am gonna do it because I can.”

      For many people, I think the want/need filter is probably less developed and of course we live in a society that pushes or markets to those people. A society of ungrateful people want more things to fill the hole they feel.


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