Must endure

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The next three days will be a slog…gotta admit. Why? Well, there is a vacation on the horizon and not checking into work for the better part of nearly two weeks has got me excited.

Thus, I must endure the next several days.

This will be the first real vacation for me in quite some time. The last week of February this year, in fact. There have been days off here and there in between, but this will be the first extended time since then.

Anyway, just thought I would put out there that I am feeling a little “short-timer’s disease” and looking forward to some time off.

Anyone else taking time off during the holidays?

**Interesting note: when you type in “vacation” for the free pictures in Pexel, nearly all the pictures come up as tropical, sunny, and sandy…I must be doing my vacations wrong…**


  1. G. J. Jolly · December 21, 2021

    You haven’t gone 12 months without a vacation? I’m retired now, but when I was working, there were up to four years in between vacations for me. Yes, I know; it’s a different world now.


    • backuphill · December 21, 2021

      I get four weeks of vacation a year. I don’t take that much. I am not sure things are all that different today than they have been in the past. I think the type of jobs people have determine the frequency in which they can take time away. Some jobs allow for more time away and others it seems there is never a chance to get away. Add to that whether or not you are the owner of said business and that throws in a whole different dynamic.


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