Voting for the lesser evil

person dropping paper on box

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Hey, wanna have a voice? Use it!

You (provided you are a legal U.S. citizen) have a Constitutional right to have a voice in our government, whether it be local or national. Wanna make a difference? Vote.

However, why does voting in our democracy always feel like you are voting for the lesser of two evils? This person sucks but that one sucks even more. Which one will hurt me less? Which one will chip away at my freedoms and rights least? Which one will listen less to special interests and big money and really work for me the little person? Which one really is the best fit for holding true to the Constitution and the guarantees I hold dear?

So, yeah, get out and vote. Vote for someone that you believe is the better of the bad choice.



  1. Curt · November 6, 2018

    I’m spending Election Day in the state where I was born, having already voted in my adopted home state. After catching some of the bad choices they have here, I admit I’m somewhat grateful for the bad choices we have at home.


    • backuphill · November 6, 2018

      Bad choice here, bad choice there, bad choices for everyone! Thanks for taking care of your duty before you left on vacation. Hopefully the least bad choice wins for everyone involved!


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